Most of us have only witnessed quicksand in the movies: The hero walking through the jungle inadvertently steps into a pit of quicksand only to be dramatically sucked under, leaving only his hat on the surface. Sometimes he’s rescued at just the last minute by grabbing a nearby vine or limb and dragging himself out.

For acclaimed singer-songwriter Reagan Boggs, quicksand is not necessarily seen. It is more commonly experienced.

On her new album, Quicksand, (release date February 11, 2014), Boggs examines the those mired living a routine existence, only to wake up one day wondering whatever happened to their dreams.

For Boggs, the theme was not one she struggled to understand. In 2009, Boggs was well on her way to becoming a successful recording and touring artist when she put that life on hold to raise her newborn son. Boggs never regretted the decision — and even “found some interests” she didn’t know she had — but before long, she found herself drifting further from who she wanted to be as an artist. She was getting stuck in the quicksand of her daily life.

Born and raised in the mining and farming country of Southwest Virginia, singer-songwriter Boggs remains true to her musical heritage, offering deep insights into a wide, diverse range of emotions from insecurity to hopelessness, loss to revelation.

The album is as powerful as any scene from a movie, and twice as real.