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If you're wondering why you haven't heard of this singer/songwriter until now, it's because she likes to "lay low". "I'm a home body, I like to keep things under the radar". As detrimental as that may seem to an artist in this industry, Regan is more up and coming than even she's aware of. Her humble demeanor can often be mistaken as careless or one who lacks ambitions, but after spending just an hour with this free spirited, twenty-something, red head, it's clear that music is what motivates her to get out of bed each day. Though these ambitions are quiet, they are powerful. She released her debut EP "Lone Lily" in 2009 and is in the middle of recording her first full length album which she is co-producing with Russ Long. She's gained airplay on various radio stations around the country, and completed her tour through the Midwest this past May. This multi-talented girl has enough energy on stage to counter act the thought provoking, often times sad lyrics, and sweet and subtle melodies. She's "Over The Rhine" captivating, and "Patty Griffin" fan base driven. It's just a matter of time before she's no longer "under the radar".”