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Rick grew up on the varied and rich musical landscape of Southeast Louisiana and started performing at a young age. It wasn't long before he was an important facet of the scene that he long admired. As his ambitions soared higher, he realized that a change of location was inevitable to maintain and accelerate his growth as a musician. Since moving to Nashville, Rick has maintained a steady career performing live and in the studio. Although there's a time to escape in the studio, his love for performing live can't be replaced, "The best thing about being with an audience is that you get that instant feedback. I look at live performances as a two-way street with our fans. Once we create the right musical environment, we can all sing, clap, and dance together!"  

2012 will see the release of Rick's debut CD, showcasing songs that tell the story of anyone who's even reached for their dreams despite what others said. "This is definitely a soundtrack to the places and people that have left their imprint on me... the good and the bad ones. I've been fortunate to be able to do something that I love and feel a strong responsibility to stay true to myself. I hope that comes out through my songs and can encourage anyone who is ready to take that first big step."