Richard Wilson may refer to: Contents 1 Academia, 2 Arts and music, 3 Businessmen, 4 Film and television, 5 Military, 6 Politics, 7 Sports, 8 See also, Academia: Richard Wilson (scholar) (born 1950), British Shakespeare scholar, Richard Wilson (physicist) (born 1926), British born American physicist, Richard Guy Wilson (born 1940), architectural historian and University of Virginia faculty member, Richard K. Wilson (born 1959), American professor of genetics and molecular microbiology, Richard L. Wilson (1905-1981), American journalist, Richard F. Wilson, president of Illinois Wesleyan University, R. M. Wilson (born 1945), American mathematician (Combinatorics), Professor at Caltech, Rick Wilson (attorney), American defense attorney and academic, Arts and music: Richard Wilson (author) (1920-1987), American science-fiction writer, Rich Wilson (journalist), contemporary UK based freelance rock writer, Richard Edward Wilson (born 1941), American composer, Richard Wilson (sculptor) (born 1953), British sculptor and musician, Richard Wilson (painter) (1714-1782), Welsh landscape painter, Businessmen: Richard Thornton Wilson, Jr. (1866-1929), American businessman and prominent figure in horse racing, Richard Wilson (businessman) Australian businessman, notable managing director for Melbourne Victory, Film and television: Richard Wilson (Australian actor) (born 1984), British-born Australian actor, Richard Wilson (producer/director) (1915-1991), American producer involved with Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre and other Hollywood films, Richard Wilson (Scottish actor) (born 1936), British actor who played Victor Meldrew in the sitcom One Foot in the Grave, Military: Richard G. Wilson (1931-1950), American soldier and Medal of Honor recipient, Richard Wilson (general) (born 1955), Australian general, Politics: Richard Wilson, Baron Wilson of Dinton (born 1942), member of the British House of Lords and former Cabinet secretary, Richard Wilson (Irish politician) (died 1957), Irish Farmers' Party politician, 1922-1936, Richard Wilson (Barnstaple MP) (c. 1750 - 1815), Member of Parliament for Barnstaple, 1796-1802, Richard Wilson (Ipswich MP) (1759-1834), Member of Parliament for Ipswich, 1806-1807, Richard B. Wilson (1904-1991), mayor of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1961-1965, Rick Wilson (Australian politician) (born 1966), member of the Australian House of Representatives, Rick Wilson, candidate in the United States House of Representatives elections in Michigan, 2010, Sports: Rick Wilson (basketball) (born 1956), Basketball player, Richard Wilson (footballer, born 1956), New Zealand football goalkeeper, Richard Wilson (footballer, born 1960), English football player, Rick Wilson (racing driver) (born 1953), NASCAR driver, Rick Wilson (ice hockey) (born 1950), ice-hockey player, Rick Wilson (jockey) (born 1954), American jockey, Rick Wilson (wrestler) (1965-1999), American professional wrestler best known as The Renegade in World Championship Wrestling, Richard Wilson (rugby player) (born 1953), New Zealand rugby union player

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