Robert Robinson may refer to: Robert Robinson (Australian politician) (c. 1811-1852), Australian politician, of the Members of the Victorian Legislative Council, 1851-1853, Robert Robinson (Baptist) (1735-1790), Baptist Minister and scholar of Cambridge, Robert Robinson (basketball) (born 1927), American basketballer, Robert Robinson (broadcaster) (1927-2011), British broadcaster, Robert Robinson (Canadian politician) (1826-1885), merchant and politician in New Brunswick, Robert Robinson (cricketer) (1765-1822), English cricketer, Robert Robinson (Dissenting minister) (c. 1726-1791), controversial Unitarian Minister, Robert Robinson (engineer) (1907-1994), lived in the Soviet Union, Robert Robinson (footballer) (1906-1990), English Association footballer, Rob Robinson (ice hockey), Canadian, born 1967, Robert Robinson (Neighbours), fictional character, Robert Robinson (organic chemist) (1886-1975), British chemist, Nobel laureate, Robert Robinson (phonetician) (c. 1600-c. 1660), English phonetician, Robert G. Robinson (1896-1974), American US Marine Corps First Lieutenant, Medal of Honor recipient, Robert P. Robinson (1869-1939), American banker and politician, Governor of Delaware, Robert P. Robinson (Wisconsin politician) (1884-1953), Wisconsin State Senator, Robert Spencer Robinson (1809-1889), British naval officer

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