Robert or Bob Morris may refer to: Contents 1 Politics, 2 Authors, artists, and entertainers, 3 Academics and technologists, 4 Lawyers, 5 Sports, 6 Universities, 7 See also, Politics: Robert Hunter Morris (1700-1764), Lieutenant Governor of Colonial Pennsylvania from 1754 to 1756, Robert Morris (financier) (1734-1806), financier of the American Revolution and signatory to three of the United States' major founding documents Robert Morris (Bartlett), a 1923 statue of the American founding father and financier by Paul Wayland Bartlett, , Robert Morris (MP), (died 1816), English politician, Robert Morris (judge) (1745-1815), American federal judge, Robert H. Morris (mayor) (1808-1855), Mayor of New York City, Robert P. Morris (1853-1924), U.S. Representative from Minnesota, Robert J. Morris (1914-1996), anti-Communist crusader, lawyer and politician, Authors, artists, and entertainers: Robert Morris (writer) (1703-1754), English writer on architecture, Robert Tuttle Morris (1857-1945), U.S. surgeon and writer, Robert Schofield Morris (1898-1964), Canadian architect, Robert Morris (artist) (born 1931), American contemporary artist, Robert Morris (actor) (born 1940), British actor, Robert Morris (composer) (born 1943), British-American composer, Robert Morris (author) (born 1950), American author, Colonel Robert Morris (1954-2013), American musician, Bob Morris (musician) (born 1985), songwriter, singer, and guitarist of Stamps, Robert Lee Morris, German-born jewelry designer, Robert Michael Morris, American actor, Academics and technologists: Robert L. Morris (1942-2004), first holder of the Koestler Chair of Parapsychology at the University of Edinburgh, Robert Morris (cryptographer) (1932-2011), American cryptographer and former chief scientist of the National Security Agency, Robert Tappan Morris (born 1965), son of the cryptographer, creator of the first Internet worm, Lawyers: Robert Morris (lawyer) (1823-1882), early African-American attorney, Sports: Rob Morris (American football) (born 1975), retired American football linebacker, Robert Morris (basketball), former collegiate and professional basketball head coach, Robert Morris Colonials, the athletic program of Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania, Bob Morris (racing driver) (born 1948), touring car racer, winner of 1976 Bathurst 1000, Universities: Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, named after financier Robert Morris, Robert Morris University (Illinois), Chicago, Illinois, named after financier Robert Morris

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