A recent article on 23 year-old, Rod Melancon says: "Rod Melancon is from South Louisiana where the music dances with the fever of bayou nights, but resonates deep into the universal feeling of an artist keenly in tuneswith the roots of the country-Americana movement echoing the lonesome blues of Hank Williams and the outlaw heyday of Waylon Jennings" – No Depression. Rod grew up in the shadow of Angola State Prison amidst the roughneck bars and bayou country of South Louisiana. He found his voice as a songwriter in the stories of his family, his hometown and the music he heard from his grandfather. He moved to L.A. a few years ago and his reputation has caught on like wildfire. He has appeared at The Hotel Cafe, The Mint and The Grand Ole Echo. As times change and mainstream country music continues to go through its ups and downs with its own chronic and bland pop-leaning identity struggle, Rod is finding a strong following in L.A. for real country. With his upcoming, soon-to-be-released CD, My Family Name, this rootsy Louisiana-fevered singer-songwriter, has established himself as a promising artist to watch.