Rodgers is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include: Aaron Rodgers (born 1983), American professional football player, Alan Rodgers (born 1959), American science fiction and horror writer, editor, and poet, Andre Rodgers (1934-2004), American professional baseball player, Anton Rodgers (1933-2007), British actor and director, Bill Rodgers (disambiguation), several people, Brendan Rodgers (born 1973), Liverpool F.C. football coach, Buck Rodgers (born 1938), American baseball player and manager, Calbraith Perry Rodgers (1879-1912), American aviation pioneer, Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers (1819-1892), American admiral, Clodagh Rodgers (born 1947), Northern Ireland singer and actress, Daniel T. Rodgers (born about 1932), American historian and emeritus, Dave Rodgers (Giancarlo Pasquini, born 1963), Italian songwriter, composer, and producer, Eleazar Rodgers (born 1985), South African footballer (soccer player), Frederick Rodgers (1842-1917), American admiral, George Rodgers (disambiguation), several people, Guy Rodgers (1935-2001), American professional basketball player, Ilona Rodgers (born 1942), British actress and television presenter, Ira Rodgers (1895-1963), American football, basketball, baseball, and golf player and coach, Jacquizz Rodgers (born 1990), of the Atlanta Falcons, James W. Rodgers (1910-1960), American criminal executed by firing squad in Utah, Jimmie Rodgers (country singer) (1897-1933), American country singer, Jimmie Rodgers (pop singer) (born 1933), American pop singer, Jimmy Rodgers (basketball) (born 1943), American basketball coach, John Rodgers (disambiguation), several people, Johnny Rodgers (born 1951), American football player, Jordan Rodgers (born 1988), American football player, Lorraine Rodgers (born 1921), American pilot, first American woman to fly in World War II, Luke Rodgers (born 1982), English footballer (soccer player), Mary Rodgers (1931-2014), American composer and author of children‍ '​s books, daughter of Richard Rodgers, Nigel Rodgers (born 1952) British writer and campaigner, Nile Rodgers (born 1952), American bassist and producer, Paul Rodgers (born 1949), British singer-songwriter, Pepper Rodgers (born 1931), American football coach, Raymond P. Rodgers (1849-1925), American admiral, Richard Rodgers (1902-1979), composer of the songwriting teams Rodgers and Hart and Rodgers and Hammerstein, T. J. Rodgers (b. ?), American businessman, W. R. Rodgers (1909-1969), known as "Bertie" Rogers, Northern Ireland poet, William Ledyard Rodgers (1860-1944), American admiral, Woodall Rodgers (1890-1961), American attorney, businessman, and mayor of Dallas, Rodgers Grant (1935-2012), American jazz pianist, composer, and lyricist, Rodgers Kola (born 1989), Zambian footballer, Rodgers Rop (born 1976), long-distance runner from Kenya

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