Alternative Country
“I am above all else, a writer. Whether it is poetry or lyrics, or works of prose in various genres - comedic, mercantilist, journalistic, absurdist, technical – I write it. And when all is said and done, it’s what I do best.” – Roger Idaho

So writes singer songwriter Roger Idaho in 2013. But if you check out his website, you discover a man of many talents – photographer, producer, recording artist, videographer, publisher, journalist, web developer.
Roger prefers not to say when or where he was born (although I venture to guess the internet being what it is these days, this information is not likely to elude determined efforts at detection ?), instead focusing on his body of work.

“I have to say, we can index things to our heart’s content (and I’m a huge beneficiary of this moment in history), but it only counts for anything to the extent it is a contributing factor in creative processes. Outside of that, it amounts to just one more entertainment platform, or, even less constructively, just one more way in which power is concentrated and abused. These days we already have plenty of the former and an excess of the latter.”

Roger plans to continue his creative pursuits – developing websites, creating content, and future plans call for more writing and recording.

“I’m hardly done with that aspect of things, but the emergence of the internet, combined with family circumstances, caused me to interrupt recording and performing. Personally, I am ready to continue, but the exact direction I will take is yet unknown.”