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See also: List of politicians on The West Wing The television series The West Wing is a political drama series which was originally broadcast on NBC. Many actors noted for work in sitcoms, such as John Goodman, John Larroquette, Christopher Lloyd, Ed O'Neill, Matthew Perry, and Patricia Richardson have appeared in dramatic roles on The West Wing. Contents 1 White House staff 1.1 Other White House staffers, 1.2 Office of the White House Counsel, 1.3 Situation Room, 1.4 Secret Service/FBI, , 2 Campaign staff 2.1 Santos campaign, 2.2 Vinick campaign, , 3 Media, 4 Family 4.1 Josiah Bartlet's family, 4.2 Leo McGarry's family, 4.3 C. J. Cregg's family, 4.4 Josh Lyman's family, 4.5 Toby Ziegler's family, 4.6 Donna Moss's family, 4.7 Will Bailey's family, 4.8 Charlie Young's family, 4.9 Matt Santos' family, , 5 Other characters, 6 Pets, 7 See also, 8 Notes, White House staff: Josiah "Jed" Bartlet - Martin Sheen: President of the United States (Seasons 1-7). Former governor of New Hampshire. Nobel prize laureate in Economics., Leo Thomas McGarry - John Spencer: White House Chief of Staff (Seasons 1-6); Special Counselor to the President (Season 6); Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee (Season 6-7) and Vice President-elect of the United States (Season 7). He was also a former Secretary of Labor and a Vietnam veteran., Claudia Jean "C.J." Cregg - Allison Janney: White House Press Secretary (Seasons 1-6); White House Chief of Staff (Seasons 6-7)., Charles "Charlie" Young - Dulé Hill: Personal Aide to the President (Seasons 1-6); Deputy Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff C.J. Cregg (Seasons 6-7). Revealed he will attend Georgetown School of Law during final episode., Joshua "Josh" Lyman - Bradley Whitford: Deputy White House Chief of Staff (Seasons 1-6); Campaign Manager, Santos-McGarry Campaign (Seasons 6-7); White House Chief of Staff in the Santos Administration (Season 7)., Donnatella "Donna" Moss - Janel Moloney: Senior Assistant to Josh Lyman (Seasons 1-6); Media Specialist and Press Secretary, Bob Russell for President Campaign (Season 6); Press Secretary, Santos-McGarry Campaign (Season 7); First Lady's Chief of Staff (Season 7)., Tobias "Toby" Zachary Ziegler - Richard Schiff: White House Communications Director (Seasons 1-7)., Samuel "Sam" Norman Seaborn - Rob Lowe: Deputy White House Communications Director (Seasons 1-4); resigned to run for Congress; Deputy White House Chief of Staff in the Santos Administration (after the end of the series)., William "Will" Bailey - Joshua Malina: Deputy White House Communications Director (Seasons 4-5); Chief of Staff to Vice-President Bob Russell (Seasons 5-7); White House Communications Director (Season 7) Congressman from the Oregon 4th (After end of series)., Annabeth Schott - Kristin Chenoweth: Deputy Press Secretary for Media Relations (Season 6); Campaign staffer, Santos/McGarry Campaign (Season 7); First Lady's Press Secretary (Season 7)., Madeline "Mandy" Hampton - Moira Kelly: Political consultant during Bartlet's first campaign. Worked as a media consultant at Lennox-Chase after the campaign. Briefly consulted for Democratic senator Lloyd Russell before being hired by the White House as a political consultant and Media Director (Season 1). Disappeared after the first season of The West Wing and was never mentioned again., Angela Blake - Michael Hyatt: Worked for Leo McGarry while he was Secretary of Labor. Later, while a political consultant, she was hired to be Director of Legislative Affairs (Season 5)., Clifford "Cliff" Calley - Mark Feuerstein: Majority Counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee during the Bartlet censure proceedings (Season 3); Deputy White House Chief of Staff (Season 7)., Amelia "Amy" Gardner - Mary-Louise Parker: Head of the Women's Leadership Coalition and influential women's rights activist. Worked as a political consultant for Senator Howard Stackhouse when he ran for president after she resigned. Later hired as the Chief of Staff for the Office of the First Lady. Resigned after she upset the president (Seasons 3-5). Director of Legislative Affairs in the Santos Administration (Season 7)., Other White House staffers: Delores Landingham - Kathryn Joosten (and Kirsten Nelson in flashback in "Two Cathedrals"): The president's executive secretary (Season 1-2). Killed in a car accident (Season 2 episode "18th and Potomac"). Included in flashbacks to her character (Seasons 3-4)., Deborah "Debbie" Fiderer - Lily Tomlin: The president's executive secretary. Hired after the death of Mrs Landingham (Seasons 4-7)., Margaret Hooper - NiCole Robinson: Assistant to the Chiefs of Staff Leo McGarry (Seasons 1-6) and C.J. Cregg (Seasons 6-7)., Bonnie - Devika Parikh: Assistant to Communications Director Toby Ziegler (Seasons 1-5)., Ginger - Kim Webster: Assistant to Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn (Seasons 1-7)., Carol Fitzpatrick - Melissa Fitzgerald: Assistant to Press Secretary C.J. Cregg (Seasons 1-7)., Cathy - Suzy Nakamura: Assistant to Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn (Season 1)., Elsie Snuffin - Danica McKellar: Assistant to Deputy Communications Director Will Bailey (Season 4). Also stepsister to Will., Cassie Tatum - Claire Coffee: Intern at the White House Press Office (Season 4)., Lauren Romano - Lara Phillips: Intern at the White House Press Office (Season 4)., Lauren Shelby - Kimberlee Peterson: Intern at the White House Press Office (Season 4)., Lauren Chin - Catherine Kwong: Intern at the White House Press Office (Season 4)., Marina ("Rina") - Melissa Marsala: Assistant to Communications Director Toby Ziegler (Season 5)., Nancy - Renée Estevez: President's Confidential Assistant (Seasons 1-7). Estevez is the daughter of Martin Sheen, who plays the president., Ed - Peter James Smith: White House staffer. Usually seen with Larry., Larry - William Duffy: White House staffer. Usually seen with Ed., Ryan Pierce - Jesse Bradford: White House intern assigned to Josh. The nephew of a powerful senator. Related to the 14th President of the United States Franklin Pierce (Season 5)., Curtis Carruthers - Ben Murray: Succeeded Charlie Young as personal aide to the President (Season 6)., Office of the White House Counsel: Lionel Tribbey - John Larroquette: Was the fourth White House Counsel of the Bartlet administration, but the first to appear in the series. He is shown to have extremely liberal views and to be incredibly animated and theatrical in his displeasure that the President tends to be more moderate in action. Argues with Sam and Ainsley over Gilbert & Sullivan., Oliver Babish - Oliver Platt: The fifth and final White House Counsel of the Bartlet administration, but the second of the only two characters to be shown in that position during the series (the other being Lionel Tribbey). He first appears advising President Bartlet when the President is considering revealing his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis to the public. He appeared connected to this plot line into season three, then returned to the series in season seven to participate in the White House's internal investigation into the military shuttle leak. He is later mentioned by Santos as a potential choice for Attorney General., Ainsley Hayes - Emily Procter: Associate (and proposed Deputy) White House Counsel (Seasons 2-3). Conservative (although not evangelical) Republican from North Carolina. Graduate of Harvard Law School (with Cliff Calley, the Republican lawyer who is the majority counsel on the House Government Reform & Oversight Committee during Leo McGarry's testimony). After she soundly defeated and embarrassed Sam during a debate on the political talk show Capital Beat, President Bartlet told Leo McGarry to offer her a job, which she initially found to be either a joke or a terrible idea, but seeing the staff in action and her friends ugly anti-Bartlet comments led her to accept the Associate White House Counsel's post. Briefly reappeared in Season 7, wanting to become White House Counsel for the Santos Administration., Joe Quincy - Matthew Perry: Associate White House Counsel (Seasons 4-5). Republican. Uncovered Vice President Hoynes's leaking of information in his affair with local socialite, Helen Baldwin, ultimately leading to Hoynes' resignation. He later is tasked by Toby to find out if the Supreme Court's ailing Chief Justice would be willing to resign, which he is angry and has strong ethical objections about doing because he clerked for the Chief Justice and reveres him, but he does what Toby asked him to., Mike Wayne - Benjamin Brown: Associate White House Counsel (Season 4-7). Was consulted by Toby and Josh in regards to dealing with a chemical company executive (who is Toby's former roommate) who wanted to revise his written testimony to the House Committee on Natural Resources and seek whistle blower status protections. Dealt with Toby after he admitted being the source of the military space shuttle leak., Richard Squire - Michael Kostroff: Associate White House Counsel (Season 6). Graduate of Yale Law, and is a Rhodes Scholar., Situation Room: Admiral Percy "Fitz" Fitzwallace - John Amos: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Seasons 1-5). Killed by terrorists while on a diplomatic mission following his retirement., General Nicholas Alexander - Terry O'Quinn: Succeeded Admiral Fitzwallace as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Season 5-6)., Dr. Nancy McNally - Anna Deavere Smith: National Security Advisor (Season 2-7)., Lieutenant Commander Jack Reese - Christian Slater: Aide to National Security Advisor Nancy McNally (Season 4) who briefly dates Donna., Commander Kate Harper - Mary McCormack: Deputy National Security Advisor (Seasons 5-7)., General Alan Adamle - Gerald McRaney: A four-star general in the USAF. Meets with Leo to discuss the International Criminal Court in episode (3.06). Also briefs then President-elect Bartlet on a small delegation of military advisers being sent to the Philippines three days after the presidential election in episode (5.22). Served with Leo in Vietnam., General Shannon - Daniel Von Bargen: Appeared in episodes (2.01) and (2.10). A four-star general in the USAF; Leo calls him "Jack" in his first episode and "Ken" in his second appearance. He seems to be the senior officer in the Situation Room in (2.01) until Nancy McNally arrives., General Ed Barrie - Tom Bower: Army Chief of Staff. Appeared in episode (2.05) berating C.J. for reprimanding his intentions to criticize the President on TV before his retirement, General Mitch Jensen - Christopher Kriesa: A three-star army general. Present in the Situation Room during discussions of retaliatory options to Morris Tollivers' USAF medical transport being shot down in episode (1.03). Also advises the President on the India-Kashmir crisis in (1.11) and (1.12)., Colonel Mark Chase - David Graf: Air Force officer who advises Leo on a crisis with Iraqi oil smugglers in (2.07), and monitors the Missile Defense Shield test in (2.12)., CIA Director George Rollie - Ryan Cutrona: President Bartlet does not trust or like him, but as C.J. and Toby note in 365 Days, his pariah status is useful because it prevents the President from tearing down anyone else during tense situations.., Mr. Cashman - often mentioned alongside Secretaries Hutchinson and Berryhill, implied to be a senior official at one of the Executive Branch departments, the department of either State or Defense (Seasons 1-2)., Bobby Dunn - Gary Cervantes: Appears in (1.11), (1.22), (2.01), (2.10), and (2.21); apparently a State Department official., Albie Duncan - Hal Holbrook: Assistant Secretary of State (office unstated). Longtime Republican and State Department elder (more than 40 years); is brought in by Leo (to the President's displeasure) to counsel the President on the submarine crisis off of North Korea in episode (3.06); later brought in by Toby during the reelection campaign to help C.J. spin the post-debate in episode (4.06)., Ted Barrow - Ron Canada: Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. Appears in Seasons 5-7., Bob Slattery - Thomas Kopache: Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. Appears in Seasons 3-7., Miguel "Mickey" Troop - Tony Plana: Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs. Appears in Season 2; advises the President on the DEA hostage crisis in Columbia., Mike Chysler - Glenn Morshower: (occasionally 'Jack'); adviser to the President during his first term, regularly appearing in the Situation Room. Briefs the President on the DEA hostage crisis; also advises the President during the prelude to the assassination of Abdul Shareef near the end of Season 3. Appears in Seasons 2-4, Secret Service/FBI: Ron Butterfield - Michael O'Neill: Head of the President's Secret Service detail (Seasons 1-7)., Simon Donovan - Mark Harmon: Secret Service agent assigned to protect (and later developed a close relationship with) C. J. Cregg. Killed when he walked into an armed robbery (Season 3)., Gina Toscano - Jorja Fox: Secret Service agent assigned to protect Zoey Bartlet (Seasons 1-2)., Wesley Davis - Taye Diggs: In charge of Zoey Bartlet's secret service detail when she was abducted (Season 4)., Molly O'Connor - Kimberly Bigsby: A young agent on Zoey's detail. Shot dead during the kidnapping of Zoey. One of Toby and Andy's twins was named in her memory. (Season 4), Randy Weathers - Shannon Marshall: Another young agent on Zoey Bartlet's detail (Season 4), Jamie Reed - John Antonini: Another young agent on Zoey Bartlet's detail (Season 4), Tom Connelly: - FBI Director. Referred to in episode (1.03), George Arnold - Michael Kagan (Ep. 5.18; 6.1): FBI Director., Mike Casper - Clark Gregg: FBI Special Agent, usually acting White House liaison (Seasons 2-5)., Campaign staff: Bruno Gianelli - Ron Silver: a political operative and consultant introduced in the third season as the campaign manager of Bartlet's 2002 bid for reelection, and continued in this role through the fourth season. His unmatched track record of victories included a House district that no Democrat had won for decades, several different US senators & state governors, as well as a win for an unspecified Israeli prime minister. The character reappeared as Eric Baker's campaign manager for the 2006 Democratic primary, only to become an independent consultant to Republican nominee Arnold Vinick after Baker withdrew from the race; the change of political affiliations mirrored Ron Silver's real-world change of party affiliation, as the actor campaigned for President George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election., Josephine "Joey" Lucas - Marlee Matlin: Political consultant, pollster often consulted by the White House and Democratic campaigns (Seasons 1-7). The character is also deaf (as is Matlin)., Kenny Thurman - Bill O'Brien: Joey Lucas's sign interpreter (Seasons 1-7)., Connie Tate - Connie Britton: Bartlet-Hoynes re-election campaign staffer (Season 3); she's a likable woman who quickly befriends Sam Seaborn., Doug Wegland - Evan Handler: Bartlet-Hoynes re-election campaign staffer and speechwriter (Season 3); he's acerbic and lands on Toby Ziegler's wrong side, but ends up winning the staffers' respect with his good ideas and staunch belief in them., Kevin Kahn - Patrick Breen: Former friend of Sam Seaborn. Staffer on Ritchie's 2002 presidential campaign (Season 3), who ends up humiliating Sam by leaking an attack ad that made the Bartlet campaign look vindictive and stupid., Dylan Clark - Tim Kelleher: Hoynes' campaign manager (Season 6)., Santos campaign: Louise "Lou" Thornton - Janeane Garofalo: a capable lobbyist recruited by Josh to serve as the Santos-McGarry campaign Director of Communications. She remains with the campaign through to the end, and is appointed as Santos's Director of Communications (Season 7)., Ronna Beckman - Karis Campbell: Santos's (and later Josh's) personal assistant. She was present from the very beginning of Matt Santos's campaign for the Presidency in season 6, and appeared in almost every episode in season 7. In one episode, she mentions that he regards Josh, Annabeth and Lou as her only friends, which Lou claims makes Ronna more pathetic than herself (who hasn't spoken to any of her friends in two months) or Annabeth (who believes she doesn't have friends anymore). In her final appearance, Deborah Fiderer trains her as Santos's executive secretary, warning her never to revoke the First Lady's walk-in privileges. She had a relationship with another female staffer (Cindy) on the Santos campaign., Edie Ortega - Diana-Maria Riva: Santos-McGarry Deputy Campaign Manager for Strategic Planning (Season 7)., Bram Howard - Matthew Del Negro: Staffer, Santos-McGarry Campaign (Seasons 6-7); Santos Administration Personal Aide to the President (Season 7)., Ned Carlson - Evan Arnold: Aide to Congressman Santos (Season 6); Staffer, Santos-McGarry Campaign (Seasons 6-7). Ned was reassigned to Santos's Congressional staff early in Season 7 with the intention of giving him a spot in the administration after the election, but he did not appear on the series after his dismissal from the campaign., Otto - Ramon De Ocampo: Speechwriter, Santos-McGarry Campaign (Season 7); Staffer in the Santos Administration (Season 7)., Vinick campaign: Sheila Brooks - Patricia Richardson: Senator Vinick's chief of staff and Vinick-Sullivan campaign manager; She, like Vinick, was portrayed as level-headed and not overtly partisan. Often at odds with the more conservative voices in the Party, she left the campaign weeks before election day to placate the Republican base (Season 6-7). In her (and Vinick's) final episode appearance, Brooks is mentioned as possibly being hired as chief of staff to the Republican Senate Majority Leader, and she makes the argument that convinces the Senator that he shouldn't run for President again--and that he should accept President-elect Santos' offer to become the next Secretary of State., Jane Braun - Melinda McGraw: Vinick-Sullivan campaign manager after Brooks' resignation (Season 7); A very conservative activist who replaces Shelia in order to energize hard-core GOP voters, but also disgusts everyone by attempting to make an election night issue of Leo McGarry's death. Her outspoken partisanship puts her at odds with both Vinick and Bruno Gianelli., Bruno Gianelli - Ron Silver: (See above)., Bob Mayer - Stephen Root: Vinick-Sullivan speechwriter (Season 6-7). Frequently mocked for his messy eating habits but extremely smart and effective (and, like Sen. Vinick and Sheila Brooks, level-headed in his conservatism), Mayer becomes fast friends with Gianelli. On election night, the two briefly discuss forming a consulting firm when Mayer firmly declares he is never going to become involved in daily governance, but Gianelli politely declines because the campaign life has worn him down and he plans to retire to his home in upstate New York., Media: Danny Concannon - Timothy Busfield: senior White House correspondent for The Washington Post (Seasons 1-2, 4-5, 7)., Greg Brock - played by Sam Robards, is a White House correspondent for the New York Times . Greg Brock is also the name of a real editor for the New York Times. First appearing in the fifth season, the character, central to a season six storyline, became one of the most regularly referred to White House correspondents, second only to Danny Concannon. In that storyline, the New York Times printed a story written by Brock that alleged the existence of a classified military space shuttle which could be used to help three astronauts on the International Space Station that were running out of oxygen. The leak was initially suspected to be White House Chief of Staff C.J. Cregg, whose phone records showed a surprisingly large number of calls to Greg Brock over much of her tenure as White House Chief of Staff to that point. In the seventh season of the show, Brock went to jail after being held in contempt of court for failing to reveal the name of his source. White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler eventually confessed to the leak, saying that he acted alone, and that Brock was the only reporter to whom he leaked the information. The storyline regarding the leak and subsequent investigation has been compared by some to the Valerie Plame affair., Roger Salier - Ivan Allen: Television anchor on News Center 4 (Seasons 1-7)., Mark Gottfried - Ted McGinley: Talk show host of "Capitol Beat" (Season 2)., Diane Mathers - Kathrin Middleton: Tough talk show host who interviewed Zoey Bartlet about her kidnapping and John Hoynes about his intentions to run for President again (5.07 & 6.07)., Taylor Reid - Jay Mohr: Conservative talk show host, baited C.J. Cregg by calling her a "chicken" (Season 5). Some reviewers have likened the character to Bill O'Reilly, the combative host of the news commentary show The O'Reilly Factor., Katarina "Katie" Witt - Kris Murphy: White House Press Corps Reporter., Mark O'Donnell - Timothy Davis Reed: White House Press Corps Reporter. Episode 3:08 - says he is from Canada., Steve - Charles Noland: White House Press Corps Reporter, from AP., Chris - Mindy Seeger: White House Press Corps Reporter., Charlayne - Joyce Guy: White House Press Corps Reporter., Family: Josiah Bartlet's family: Abigail Ann 'Abbey' Bartlet, M.D. - Stockard Channing: First Lady of the United States (Seasons 1-7)., Jonathan Bartlet - Younger brother of Josiah Bartlet (mentioned, never seen)., Elizabeth "Liz" Bartlet Westin - Annabeth Gish: The President's eldest daughter (Seasons 5-7)., Eleanor Emily "Ellie" Bartlet Faison, M.D.- Nina Siemaszko: The President's middle daughter (Seasons 2, 5, 7)., Zoey Patricia Bartlet - Elisabeth Moss: The President's youngest daughter (Seasons 1-2, 4-7)., Dr. Bartlet - Lawrence O'Donnell: The President's father. Though deceased, he appears during flashbacks in the episode "Two Cathedrals" (Season 2)., Doug Westin - Steven Eckholdt: Liz's husband. Unsuccessfully runs for the House of Representatives representing New Hampshire in 2006 (Seasons 5-7)., Vic Faison - Ben Weber: Ellie Bartlet's husband (Season 7)., Annie Westin - The President's granddaughter and Elizabeth Bartlet Westin's daughter. Aged 12 in Season 1. (Season 5), Gus Westin - Michael Krepack: The President's grandson and Elizabeth Bartlet Westin's son. (Season 5), Leo McGarry's family: Mallory O'Brien - Allison Smith: Leo McGarry's daughter (Seasons 1-2, 4-7)., Jenny McGarry - Sara Botsford: Leo McGarry's wife. Divorced him due to his work commitments (Season 1)., Josephine McGarry - Deborah Hedwall: Leo McGarry's sister, who works as an educator (Season 2)., Elizabeth McGarry - Leo McGarry's sister, mentioned in the episode "In Excelsis Deo" (Season 1)., C. J. Cregg's family: Hogan Cregg - Evan Rachel Wood: CJ's niece (Season 3), Molly Lapham Cregg - Verna Bloom: CJ's stepmother and her former high school English teacher (Season 4), Talmidge Cregg - Donald Moffat: CJ's father, a retired math teacher with Alzheimer's disease. (Season 4), Grammy Cregg - Mentioned as the Midwestern source of CJ's 'Hay is for Horses' witticism., Josh Lyman's family: Joanie Lyman - Josh's older sister who died in a fire when she was babysitting him., Noah Lyman - Josh's father. Died on the night of the Illinois primary (during Bartlet's first Presidential campaign)., Mrs. Lyman - Josh's mother and only living relative. She lives in Florida and Josh usually goes down to visit her during holidays., Toby Ziegler's family: Andrea Wyatt - Kathleen York: Ex-wife of Toby Ziegler, Congresswoman from Maryland., Molly Wyatt - Toby and Andrea's daughter, named after Molly O'Conner, the secret service agent shot and killed the night of Zoey Bartlet's kidnapping (Season 4, 7), Huckleberry "Huck" Wyatt - Toby and Andrea's son, named after Andrea's grandfather (Season 4, 7), Jules "Julie" Ziegler - Jerry Adler - Toby's father, former Murder Incorporated employee, retired ladies raincoat maker (Season 4), David Ziegler - Toby's brother, NASA astronaut, commits suicide in season 6 (mentioned, never seen), Donna Moss's family: Aunt Barbara - Aunt from Wisconsin whom Donna leads on private tour. (Season 5), Uncle Ted - Uncle from Wisconsin whom Donna leads on private tour. (Season 5), Cousins in Oklahoma - Mentioned in Disaster Relief (Season 5), Will Bailey's family: Elsie Snuffin - Danica McKellar: Will Bailey's stepsister, an undiscovered comedy writer (Season 4), Thomas Bailey - Will's father, a former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Charlie Young's family: Deanna Young - Charlie's little sister, Mrs. Young - Charlie's mother, a Washington D.C. police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty prior to the start of the series. (mentioned, seen only in a photo), Matt Santos' family: Helen Santos - Teri Polo: Matt Santos' wife (Season 6-7), Peter Santos - Matt Santos' son (Season 6-7), Miranda Santos - Matt Santos' daughter (Season 6-7), Jorge Santos - Matt's Santos' brother (Season 7), Other characters: Laurie - Lisa Edelstein: Sam Seaborn's friend. Law student working as a call girl (Season 1 and mentioned several times in 2)., Al Kiefer - John de Lancie: Democratic pollster who had a short relationship with Joey Lucas. The senior staff can't stand him and when Joey's abilities became apparent, she took over his previous role as the Bartlet Administration's top pollster. (Season 1), Larry Claypool - John Diehl: Freedom Watch lawyer (Seasons 1, 4) who spends his time filing lawsuits against President Bartlet and his staff in hopes of bringing down the administration., Bernard Thatch - Paxton Whitehead (Ep 2.10, Ep 6.07): Head of the White House Visitor's Office., Ann Stark - Felicity Huffman (Ep 2.11): Toby Ziegler's former friend, until she betrayed him when he tried to broker a compromise on patients' rights. Chief of Staff to the Senate Majority Leader., Lisa Sherborne - Traylor Howard (Ep 3.11): Sam Seaborn's former fiancée who now works for Vanity Fair. Sam broke off their engagement because he wanted to leave the New York scene and work at the White House., Dr. Stanley Keyworth - Adam Arkin: Therapist specializing in trauma cases. He was asked by Leo McGarry to see Josh after Josh yelled at the President. Staff Therapist for the American Trauma Victims Association (ATVA) (Seasons 2-4). Has several sessions as the President's therapist as well., Dr. Jordon Elaine Kendall - Joanna Gleason: Leo McGarry's lawyer during the Bartlet MS hearings and love interest for several months (Season 3-4)., Alana Waterman - Lee Garlington: Toby Ziegler's attorney, called upon when Toby confesses to the White House leak (Season 7), Jean Paul Pierre Claude Charpentier, Vicomte de Condé de Bourbon - Trent Ford: Zoey Bartlet's French boyfriend (Season 4)., Colin Ayres - Jason Isaacs: Photographer who has a fling with Donna Moss in Gaza (Season 5-6)., Lt. Colonel Gantry, pilot of Air Force One, heard several times on personal announcements on the plane., Colonel Jesse Weisskopf, pilot of Air Force One, seen in the episode 'Angel Maintenance' (Season 4) informing the president on the status of the plane., Dr. Millicent Griffith - Mary Kay Place (Ep. 2.15, Ep. 6.08, Ep. 6.09; mentioned in Ep. 2.18): Close family friend of the Bartlets, Ellie's godmother and occasional medical adviser to the President. Also serves as President Bartlet's Surgeon General., Reverend Don Butler - Don S. Davis: A conservative televangelist from Virginia, who was a candidate for the Republican Party's nomination for President of the United States in the 2006 election, but was defeated by Arnold Vinick., Bobby Zane - Noah Emmerich (Ep. 1.14) Defense lawyer for a convicted murderer and high school bully of Sam Seaborn. He contacts Sam in order to persuade the White House to commute his client's death sentence., Pets: Bess: Glen Allen Walken's pug., Gail: C.J. Cregg's pet goldfish. A gift from Danny Concannon. In the season 1 episode "The Short List," Josh Lyman told Danny that C.J. likes "goldfish." Although Josh was referring to snack crackers of the same name, Danny mistakenly believed he was referring to the aquatic creature; after giving C.J. the fish, Danny mentions that the pet-store owner had named it "Gail." On the DVD commentary track for episode 14, "In Excelsis Deo," Aaron Sorkin, Thomas Schlamme, and Alex Graves mention that the prop masters created a miniature Christmas ornament to place on the floor of Gail's fish bowl and that from then on, the prop masters often crafted tiny decorations related to the themes in a given episode, as when hostilities were escalating in India and Pakistan and the bowl contained a tiny bomb shelter. They also mention that many scenes set in C.J.'s office throughout the succeeding seasons include shots of Gail's bowl and that as of the commentary's recording at the end of season four, the prop masters insisted that the specific goldfish used had never been replaced., Henry: Amy Gardner's basset hound.

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