Contemporary Country
From the modest pews of a West Tennessee church to the gleaming stages of Music City, twenty-four year old Russell Dickerson was destined to make his way to the spotlight.

With a musical family background and the natural ability to entertain, Dickerson discovered his love for country music when his family moved to Nashville at the age of ten. “I got my first real hand-made acoustic guitar when I was sixteen,” Dickerson says, “I was so excited, and even though I couldn’t play it yet, I started a band.”

Soon after, Dickerson began songwriting and cultivating a live show experience based on influences like Garth Brooks and Keith Urban. “When I write songs,” he says, “I picture looking out at the audience and not just seeing, but feeling their response. Garth’s shows are like a drama; overflowing with so may emotions. I try to evoke those same kinds of emotions in my songs and then take them full-circle on stage.”

With a commanding presence both off and on the stage, the 6’4” Dickerson blends his rich vocal quality with a style all his own. “You’ve gotta’ respect the traditional music while doing your own thing at the same time,” he says. “That’s what’s great about country music – you can do that.”

Continually writing, recording, and performing energetic shows, Dickerson has recently signed a publishing with one of Nashville’s most successful independent publishers, Cumbustion Music, along with signing management with Dennis Entertainment, and booking with CAA.