Ryan Murphey is a Grammy-nominated music producer, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. Since 1988, Ryan has toured with his father, Michael Martin Murphey, as lead guitarist and vocalist in the Rio Grande Band. Ryan is Michael's oldest son, and has worked with his father extensively throughout most of his career. In 1988, Ryan co-wrote the 1988 hit "Talkin' to the Wrong Man", which was released on his father's River of Time album. Ryan produced several Michael Martin Murphey albums, including Buckaroo Blue Grass and Buckaroo Blue Grass II, which were both nominated for Grammy Awards. Ryan also produced Michael's latest album, Tall Grass & Cool Water, released in June 2011. Ryan Murphey has released four albums of original songs: Good Eats Cafe, Ruby Red, Miracle Street, and New Old Song. He is currently working on music with a new trio, the Sawdust Brothers. Ryan lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Francie and two daughters, Fiona and Elle. In addition to his musical career, Ryan teaches English to high school students in Nashville.

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