Sarah Reed (b. 1973 in Tucson, Arizona) is an American musician, singer, guitarist. She is best known as the singer and guitarist for the rock band The Husbands, which she formed and fronted in 2002. They released two feature length records on Swami Records and five 7" records. The Husbands toured the United States four times. Their International shows have been in Vancouver, Montreal Canada and Tijuana Mexico. Concurrent with performing in The Husbands, She created and lead a nine piece soul funk cover band Her Grace The Duchess. They covered artists such as Ike and Tina Turner, Lynn Collins, Betty Davis, and Irma Thomas. Musical career: Starting as a drummer she formed The Bonnot Gang in Olympia Washington with two employees of Kill Rock Stars (Sadie Shaw and Maggie Vail) along with the lead singer of Blood Sausage, Dale Shaw. The Bonnot Gang was named after a French criminal anarchist group. They released one song on a Lookout! / Kill Rock Stars split Slice of Lemon and a 7" record on Decomposition. Then in San Francisco she formed a band called the Lies. This five piece band released two full length records on Kill Rock Stars and toured the U.S. twice. She was shortly in a band called The Drivers, with Mirah and Molly Burgdorf, which performed only a handful of times and had two songs on yo yo a go go compilations. Currently she is in The Husbands (2002-present) with Sadie Shaw. They performed with multiple drummers, most recently Casey Ward and previously Nikki Sloate, Tina Luchesi, Donny Nuenhausen, John Dwyer, Matt Hartman. Other Notable Accomplishments: She co-directed Charm, a feature length Super 8 film released in conjunction with the soundtrack by 5RC, a subsidiary of Kill Rock Stars., The soundtrack contained songs by Tim Soete of The Fucking Champs, Sara Lund and Justin Trosper of Unwound, Aaron Beam, Thrones, David Scott Stone, The Aislers Set, The Need Strongly committed to worker owned and operated cooperatives she has worked at and served on board of directors at both Good Vibrations and Rainbow Grocery Cooperative. Both Co-ops located in San Francisco,CA. Official Web Site, Her Grace The Duchess Myspace Page, The Husbands Myspace page, Press: Husbands Village Voice Review, Husbands review, Charm Review in SF Weekly, Lies Review

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