about the south Carolina line

My name is evan Thomas Simchak and I sm the leader of the band of the south Carolina line lead/singer and lead/guitar. And this band means a lot for me and this band goes down to south Carolina a lot and spend timecdown there. So I thought of this name and my dad and uncle Chas had argeed with me to name this band of ours. Charles George Parker is on the guitar and the key board and he is on also on vocals. My dad which is Tom Roy Simchak he is on the drums and which is my father and he has a important part of this band. Now we have a manager of this band which is named miss Alexandra Parker she is my manager and she is really good about it she knows about this band. So we also have a producer/director and she is good at it. Her name is Natalie Parker is also great to be with this band we do play concerts on the holidays and birthdays and we had done this for about our first award show.