In the hands of New York-born Stacey Phillips, the resonating guitar, or dobro, has become a medium for expressing a diverse range of musical influences. As a member of Breakfast Special, with Tony Trischka, Andy Statman, and Kenny Kosek, and Tasty Licks, with Bela Fleck, Phillips helped to extend the bluegrass tradition to the urban sensibility. Phillips has continued to explore the possibilities of his instrument. In addition to performing with a charnaga-style salsa band for several years, he's played bluegrass, jazz, Caribbean, and Hawaiian music in a duo that he shares with vocalist/guitarist Paul Howard; bluegrass with former Seldom Scene vocalist and guitarist Phil Rosenthal and his wife, Beth; honky tonk swing with the Honeydews; and a blend of jazz and klezmer with Bassology. Guitar Player referred to him as "one of the hottest pickers around."

Phillips has written several books of dobro songs and techniques including The Mel Bay Complete Dobro Player and has filmed numerous instructional videos for Homespun Tapes. ~ Craig Harris, Rovi