Country-rock with raw BBQ sauce and kick-ass guitar twang - This is what the newspapers are saying about the home groan country singin’ guitar pickin’ talent from Norway.

With his debut single he topped the Norwegian Country Radio (NCR) Charts 7 times on a row with ‘One Beer a Day’ - and topped the sales charts 9 weeks when the debut album was released. Steff Nevers popularity started to grow in Norway.

Born in 1975, Norway. He grew up in a little community called Modum, where he developed a deep appreciation for music. As a young boy he listened a lot to Kenny Rogers as his father had a fascination for this well know country artist. With deep musical and artistic roots in the family it was no doubt what this young boy was destined to do. Steff’s grandfather was a violin-maker and this gave the young boy inspiration to study the art of classical violin. But after moving to the city, Drammen in Norway he started to study guitar instead.

As a teenager he played in different local bands. And he became known for his good musical ear and exceptional guitar skills. This lead him into a career as a session guitarist in Norway. Steff Nevers also studied the arts of the classical guitar and won several talent competitions with his own compositions.

It was merely accidental that Steff started singing in his early twenties. Some friends made him aware of his great country voice. He started digging into country and bluegrass music and discovered a whole new world. Like so many others he found inspiration in Garth Brooks. This was the beginning of a country music career.

In the summer 2007 he flies to Nashville to do the recordings of his first album. The team in Nashville got him the best musicians available in the country music industry today. The session leader participating were non other than the world renowned guitar picker Brent Mason. Brent got Paul Franklin (steel guitar), Rob Hajacos (fiddle) and Eddie Bayers (drums) on the team to mention a few.
With all these Grammy and CMA awarded musicians didn’t scare the artist to take the role as the Producer.

After recording his first album things started to happen. In 2008 he signed a major record deal with Universal Music. In 2009 the album 'Closest To My Heart' was released and had an extensive promotional campaign in Norway. Giving the artist a gold record within 1 week of the album release and a Norwegian Grammy nomination. And now almost a platinum status.
The same year an historic event took place when AGR/Universal signed Steff Nevers and released his debut album - first Norwegian country artist signed to a major international label outside Norway - Also he was personally invited to be support for Toby Keiths European tour.

In 2011 the second album 'Ain't No Bad Life' was released internationally - again produced by Steff again giving him rave reviews. The hit 'Fightin' The Fool' was immediately added to radio stations and country music shows across the world. The success of the single lines up from all European countries to Australia and New Zealand.
Again Steff topped the sales charts for several weeks. Leading to a new Norwegian Grammy nomination.

In 2012 Steff & crew decided to record a live album. The title became 'Live From The Country'. Again the media met with highly acclaimed reviews.
At this time Steff's popularity had begun to span all across Europe - and In 2013 this led to the prestigious nomination of 'European Artist of The Year' award by the BCMA (British Country Music Awards).