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To meet Wikipedia's quality standards and conform to the neutral point of view policy, please help to introduce a more formal style and remove any personally invested tone. (November 2011) Steve Frame , George Reinholt as Steve Frame with Victoria Wyndham as Rachel, 1973. Another World character Portrayed by George Reinholt (1968-75, 1989), David Canary (1981-83) Duration 1968-75, 1981-83, 1989 First appearance July 2, 1968 Last appearance May 25, 1989 Created by Agnes Nixon Family Spouse Alice Matthews (1971-73, 1974-75), Rachel Cory (1973-74), Pamela Strickland, Sons Jamie Frame Adoptive daughters Sally Frame, Diana Frame, Steven 'Steve' Frame Sr. was a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Another World. He was first portrayed by George Reinholt from 1968 to 1975 (Reinholt returned in 1989 for the show's 25th anniversary playing Steve as a ghost) and David Canary from 1981 to 1983. During the six-year gap between Reinholt and Canary, Steve was presumed dead in a helicopter crash in Australia. When David Canary assumed the role, it was explained that Steve had plastic surgery on his face but had amnesia all those years until he returned to Bay City (the fictional town Another World was set in). Personal history: Born in 1940 in Chadwell, Oklahoma, Steven Frame was one of eight children born to Henry and Jenny Frame. His siblings included sisters Emma Frame Ordway, Janice Frame and Sharlene Frame Watts, and brothers Vince Frame, Willis Frame, Jason Frame and Henry Frame, Jr. A self-made millionaire land developer and half-owner of the Bay City Bangles, the town's football team, Steven Frame (George Reinholt) first came to Bay City in 1967 on business and pretty much kept a low profile, but didn't make his society debut until the following year when he attended the wedding of District Attorney Walter Curtain to Lenore Moore on July 1, 1968. At the reception held at the Bay City Country Club, Steve introduced himself to Lenore's best friend, Alice Matthews (Jacqueline Courtney), who was a member of the bridal party as one of Lenore's bridesmaids. It was also at the reception that he met Alice's scheming, money-hungry sister-in-law Rachel Davis-Matthews (played originally by Robin Strasser. Victoria Wyndham assumed the role from Strasser in 1972 and stayed on Another World for its remaining 27 years after). Steve and Alice were instantly smitten with each other at the reception and soon began dating afterward (Alice was the only person who referred to Steve by his full first name 'Steven'). Alice was also delighted when he hired her father Jim to handle the accounting for Steve's Bay City office. Though she was encouraged by Rachel not to let her handsome and rich suitor get away, Alice was completely unaware at first of Rachel's true intentions: she wanted Steve for herself and was determined to have him, and even went as far as to find any excuse to double-date with Alice and Steve with her husband, Russ Matthews (Sam Groom), Alice's brother and a newly interned doctor. Rachel couldn't understand what Steve saw in Alice. She was too sweet and too nice. Rachel believed he needed a real woman and she was determined to be THAT woman to him. Besides, Rachel had something in common with Steve that he didn't have with Alice: they both came from similarly poor backgrounds growing up though Steve's was far more impoverished than Rachel's (A 1972 flashback episode suggests that Steve grew up in a broken family in which his father was abusive). One night after a heated argument with Russ about what a real man Steve was compared to him, Rachel left the Matthews home and moved in with her mother, Ada Davis Downs (Constance Ford) and then visited Steve in his apartment, depressed after a fight he had with Alice. Taking full advantage of Steve's vulnerability, Rachel seduced him into bed and later told her mother in a smug way that not only did she get Steven Frame in bed but that she was also planning to divorce Russ to marry Steve. But when Rachel later found out she was pregnant, she knew the baby had to be Steve's and went to tell him so, but Steve flat out refused to believe that the baby was his and wanted to have nothing more to do with her. Frantic, Rachel charmed Russ into a reconciliation and later tried to pass off her baby as Russ' child. Soon afterwards Alice and Steve got back together again and planned to marry, but Rachel destroyed those plans when, on the night of Alice and Steve's engagement party, she confronted Alice and told her that not only did she love Steve but that she was carrying his baby. A cold and calm Alice later confronted Steve and asked him about his infidelity and if it was possible that he, and not Russ, is the father of Rachel's baby. Steve finally admitted that that it could be possible. Russ eventually found out the truth about the baby being Steve's and divorced Rachel. As the 1970s ushered in, Steve and Alice had finally married in September 1971. Their marriage lasted into June 1973, and still faced most of the problems that were keeping them apart after their marriage crumbled. Among them: Rachel's continued pursuit of Steve using their son, Jamie as a weapon, Alice's inability to have children, and leaving Bay City for a while to be a private nurse for a dashing business man named Eliot Carrington, and Steve's subsequent marriage to Rachel in order to give Jamie a stable family. But Steve longed for Alice and wanted to break free of Rachel. Desperate, Steve resorted to bribing Rachel's father, Gerald Davis, to testify on his behalf when he sued Rachel for divorce, which was eventually granted with her gaining full custody of Jamie. But bribing his father-in-law would soon come back to haunt Steve when Gerald mouthed off to John Randolph, Steve's attorney and brother-in-law (John's wife was Alice's sister Pat) that Steve bribed him to testify, thinking John was in on Steve's scheme. John informed the police of Gerald's accusation towards Steve. As a result of John's betrayal, Steve was arrested, but was given permission to re-marry Alice on May 4, 1974 (Coincidentally Another World's 10th anniversary and this final marriage to Alice would later be dissolved in the Spring of 1975). Steve was ordered to report to prison the very next day and served a sentence of six months. Shortly after Steve's incarceration, Alice then suffered a mental breakdown (she was eventually committed to a sanitarium) and Rachel made the situation worse when she threatened to kick Alice out of the home that Steve built for Alice, thinking that she was entitled to live there with Jamie. Several months later when Rachel planned to move in, she was shocked to see Steve waiting for her, accompanied by her stepfather Gil McGowan, the town police chief, in whose custody Steve was temporarily released into and Steve put an end to her moving in right then and there. When Steve was officially released from prison he then went to see Alice, but she refused to see him. Rachel continued to scheme to keep them apart but soon Steve and Alice, who had recovered from her breakdown, eventually got back together. But in May 1975, just as she and Steve were getting their lives back in order, Alice, and all of Bay City, received tragic news: Steve was presumed dead in a helicopter crash in Australia, where he had gone on business. It was also at this time that both women in Steven Frame's life were undergoing major changes: Alice was in the process of adopting an orphaned girl named Sally Spencer, and Rachel, with the help of the love of her current husband, magazine publisher Mackenzie 'Mac' Cory (Douglass Watson), was beginning to renounce her evil ways to become a compassionate and loving woman. (Though they would divorce and remarry a second time). Six years later, in October 1981, a mysterious businessman named Edward Black (David Canary) arrived in Bay City, studying pictures and news clippings on Alice (played at this time by Linda Borgeson), who was at that time engaged to Mac Cory, who was divorced from Rachel. But it soon became clear that Edward Black was not the man he claimed to be. At a formal party, Black dropped a bombshell that shocked all of Bay City: his real name was Steven Frame! Apparently Steve had survived the crash in Australia years earlier, but had suffered from amnesia and had plastic surgery on his face. He had returned not only to both Alice and Jamie, but also to resume his position as head of Frame Construction. Alice had broken off her engagement to Mac after Steve's return and they tried to resume their relationship, but after being trapped at one of his construction sites with Rachel, Steve's attraction for her had been resurrected and they were on their way to get remarried when Steve died for real on February 3, 1983 in a car crash. Rachel survived, but was blinded in the crash. Six months later, having regained her sight and realizing that she never stopped loving Mac, Rachel remarried him for the third (and last) time in a double ceremony with Mac's son Sandy Cory (Christopher Rich) and Sandy's bride, Blaine Ewing (Laura Malone). It would be yet another six years before Steve Frame would return again, for a third and final time, in May 1989, but as a ghost (George Reinholt reprised his role for Another World's 25 anniversary) to help Rachel, who was having an out-of-body experience while her body was lying unconscious, overcome with gas, in the engine room of a yacht where the 25th Anniversary party for Cory Publishing was being held as she was being enticed by the spirit of Steve's evil sister Janice Frame (Christine Jones) to die, but Steve arrived and told Rachel that it wasn't her time to die yet and that she needed to go back, which she did. Later Steve visited Jamie, telling his son how proud he was of the man he turned out to be. Then, after discussing the past briefly, Steven Frame said goodbye to Jamie, and faded away forever into eternity.

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