For the cultural festival in Broome, see Stompen Ground. Stomping Ground is Goldfinger's third official album that was released on March 28, 2000. The song "The End of the Day" contains a brief sample from the Dead Kennedys song "Nazi Punks Fuck Off." Track listing: All songs are written by John Feldmann, except where noted. No. Title Length 1. "I'm Down" 2:08 2. "Pick a Fight" 3:25 3. "Carry On" (Feldmann, Charlie Paulson, Chris Johnson) 3:21 4. "The End of the Day" 3:03 5. "Don't Say Goodbye" 2:31 6. "Counting the Days" 3:29 7. "Bro" (Feldmann, Paulson) 2:55 8. "San Simeon" 3:22 9. "You Think It's a Joke" (Feldmann, Tim Palmer) 3:12 10. "Forgiveness" 3:24 11. "Margaret Ann" 2:34 12. "Get Away" (Feldmann, Paulson) 3:51 13. "99 Red Balloons" (Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, Carlo Karges, Kevin McAlea) 4:11 14. "Donut Dan" 0:42 Japanese bonus tracks No. Title Length 15. "The Kids Are Alright" (The Who cover) 16. "Man In A Suitcase" (The Police cover) 17. "Nite Klub" (The Specials cover) 18. "Rio" (Duran Duran cover) Personnel: John Feldmann - vocals, guitar, Charlie Paulson - guitar, Dangerous Darrin Pfeiffer - drums, vocals, Kelly LeMieux - bass, vocals

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