SUGARMAN's “After The Blackout”, is a collection of well crafted songs that reflects Noah Sugarman’s heart & soul from his past & rumination of the future. Noah is the founding member and songwriter of the band who release his debut album “Art Of Starting A Fire” on the Unison Music label in 2009.

After The Blackout, released March 12th in the U.S.,and first video “Ladders” Feb 12th globally, is accompanied by a heavy touring schedule that began March 8th and will take Noah & band throughout North America. A European tour is also in the works to coincide with the Euro release.
A talented, multi-instrumentalist, Noah has toured the country coast-to-coast many times, with an array of bands. He’s performed his own music, both acoustic and with a full band; played bass and sang backup for a country act; and played drums for a folk group. In 2007 Sugarman signed with Unison Music, of Los Angeles, and moved to California to focus on his original tunes, prior to hitting the road again for a whirlwind of tour experience.

In addition to Sugarman and his solo efforts, Noah has made significant contributions to alt-country/alt rock outfit 500 Miles to Memphis, touring with them 250 days 2008 through 2010 and playing bass and guitar on their last two albums – “Sunshine In A Shot Glass” and “We’ve Built Up to Nothing”.

"After The Blackout is just one of those reflective albums, one that you can listen to and know that somewhere out there someone has the same thoughts on the world as you, that someone really gets it." - AJ Garcia (Shakefire)

“The band Sugarman sticks his nose more emphatically than ever to the big music scene!” - Philip Verhaege (Keys & Chords - Belgium)

"He has got some good songs in his arsenal with the likes of ‘Ladders’ and ‘Hero’s and Heroines’ well capable of some crossover college radio play. With his road band at the ready, he’ll be hitting a town somewhere near you soon, but in the meantime, check out the video for ‘Ladders’ down below.” -STUART A HAMILTON (The Rocker - UK)

“Actually there is no weak song on this album…” – Valsa (Roots Time - Belgium)

“…After The Blackout has a sound of rock American well defined” – Pedro Carvalho

“first single “Ladders” is a light song with a pop side is not devoid of freshness” - Xavier Rossey

“… Sugarman tackles the blues of “City Hall”, where irresistible slide-sleeked steel guitar swings ever so wildly as it grows from the bare bass strokes to an elegant electric rumble, but this time around his seriousness proves to be the most shaking ground.” - Dmitry M. Epstein (DME Rocks - Israel)

o Ladders from After The Blackout debuts @ #3 on The Independent Music Show The Biggest Syndicated Independent Radio Music Show On The Internet
o Charting on the Roots Radio Report

Paritial list of reporting radio stations
• WLUW - Chicago, IL
• KALX FM-Berkley, CA
• KRCB-Rohnert Park, CA
• KMUD-Redway, CA
• KALA FM-Davenport, IA
WBSD Burlington, WI
• WEFT FM-Champaign IL
• SFR Suffolk Univ.-Boston, MA
• WUMD FM-Dartmouth, MA
• WMPG FM-Portland, ME
• WUCX-FM-Bay City, MI
• WTBX FM-Hibbing, MN
• KFAI-Minneapolis, MN
• KDHX-St.Louis, MO
• WNCW-Spindale, NC
• WITR FM-Rochester, NY
• WRUR-Rochester, NY
• WORT FM-Madison, WI
• WBGU FM-Bowling Green, OH
• KBUT - Crested Butte, CO

Sugarman is will be hitting the studio in March to begin work on the follow up to After The Blackout.