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Tara may refer to: Contents 1 Religions and deities, 2 People and characters 2.1 Titles, , 3 Places 3.1 Buildings, 3.2 Natural features 3.2.1 Rivers, , 3.3 Populated places, 3.4 Other, , 4 Companies and organizations, 5 Works of fiction 5.1 Novels, 5.2 Film and television, 5.3 Settings, 5.4 Other, , 6 Science, 7 Music, 8 Other, 9 See also, Religions and deities: Tara (Buddhism), is a tantric meditation deity in Tibetan Buddhism, actually the generic name for a set of similar bodhisattvas, In Hinduism:, Tara (Devi), a Mahavidya of Mahadevi, Kali or Parvati, In Indian Hinduism, the star goddess Tara is a manifestation of the queen of time, Kali, Another name for Taraka, the second wife of Brihaspati, Tara (Ramayana), the wife of the monkey king Vali, who married Vali's brother and successor, Sugriva, after Vali's death, Tara, the mother goddess in the Druidic religion, Tara, a sea goddess in Polynesian mythology, Taara or Tharapita, a god in Estonian mythology, People and characters: Tara (name), a list of people and characters with the name, Titles: Baron Brabazon of Tara, UK title, Baron Tara, Irish title, Kingship of Tara, a title of authority in ancient Ireland, Viscount Tara, Irish title, Places: Buildings: Tara, Cairo, villa in Gezira Island, Cairo, made famous by its inhabitants during World War II, Tara, Chertsey, Surrey, UK, previously the home of drummer Keith Moon, Tara Theatre, an art house movie theater in Atlanta named after the plantation in Gone With the Wind, Natural features: 5863 Tara, an asteroid, Batu Tara, an island in the Flores Sea in Indonesia, Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, Ireland, ritual site of ancient High Kings of Ireland, Salar de Tara, salt pan in Chile, Tara Hill, County Wexford, Ireland, Tara Island, Sulu Archipelago, Philippines, Tara Mountain and Tara National Park in Serbia, Tara River Canyon in Montenegro, Tara, Saga, town, mountain and mountain range in Saga Prefecture, Japan, Rivers: Tara (Drina), in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tara (Greece), in Arcadia, Greece, Tara (Italy), a small river near Taranto, Tara River (Russia), in Siberia, Russia, Populated places: Qila Tara Singh, a town and union council of Depalpur Tehsil in the Okara District of Punjab Province, Pakistan, Tara, Afghanistan, in Wardak Province, Tara, Ethiopia, a village in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, Tara, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran, Tara Garh, a village in the Pattoki tehsil of Kasur District in the West Punjab, Pakistan, Tara Hills, California, USA, Tara, County Down, a townland in County Down, Northern Ireland, Tara, Ireland, a village in Ireland, Tara Khēl, a village in Deh Sabz District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan, Țara Moților, an ethnogeographical region of Romania, Tara Nagar, a village in Gorkha District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal, Tara, Nepal, a village in Baglung District in the Dhawalagiri Zone of central Nepal, Tara, Ontario, village in Canada, Tara, Queensland, town in Australia, Tara, Russia, name of several inhabited localities in Russia, Tara, Saga, town, mountain and mountain range in Saga Prefecture, Japan, Tara Township, Minnesota (disambiguation), USA; several places, Tara, Zambia, a village in the Southern Province of Zambia, Other: Đurđevića Tara Bridge, bridge over the Tara River in northern Montenegro, Shire of Tara, Queensland, Australia, Tara Anglican School for Girls, North Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia, Tara Boulevard, modern name of the road where the fictional Tara Plantation was said to be located., Țara Călatei, a region in western Romania, Tara County, New South Wales, Australia, Tara Subcounty, a region in Maracha District, Uganda, Tara Field, airport in Clayton County, Georgia, USA, Tara High School, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, Tara Mine, a zinc and lead mine near Navan, County Meath, Ireland, Tara River Canyon, canyon in Montenegro, Tara Station in Saga Prefecture, Japan, Tara Street, a major traffic route in Dublin, Ireland, Tara Street railway station in Dublin, Ireland, Companies and organizations: Kiah & Tara Jean, a Canadian radio show in Vancouver, British Columbia, Ţara, a newspaper from the Republic of Moldova, Tara Air, Nepalese airline, Tara Arts, cross-cultural theatre production group in London, U.K., Tara expedition, Arctic voyage 2006-08, Tara Foundation, charity for transgendered people, Tara Hurdle, a horse race in Ireland, Tara Institute, a Tibetan Buddhist center located in the suburb of East Brighton in Melbourne, Tara International, Indian marketer for Tara Green Auto, Tara (Israel), dairy co-operative, Tara Labs, manufacturer of high-end audio products, Tara Music,formerly known as Tara Records, and Irish record company., Tara Newz, Bengali news channel, Tara (Northern Ireland), loyalist group, Tara Television (or Tara TV), an Irish cable and satellite channel, Works of fiction: Novels: Tara Road, a 1998 novel by Irish writer Maeve Binchy, Film and television: Ballad of Tara, "Cherike ye Tara", an Iranian film directed by Bahram Bayzai, Nepali Tara, a Nepali television series, Tara (1992 film), an Indian film directed by Bijaya Jena, Tara (2001 film), an American film, also known as Hood Rat, directed by Leslie Small, Tara (2013 film), an Indian film directed by Kumar Raj, Tara (TV series), soap opera that aired on Zee TV, TARA, acronym for The Amazing Race Asia, a reality game show on the AXN network, Tara Road (film), a 2005 film based on the novel, Tara Sasankam, a popular Indian play and 1941 and 1969 films, United States of Tara, a 2009 US comedy-drama TV series, Settings: Tara (plantation), fictional rural home of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind, Tara, a planet setting of the Doctor Who serial The Androids of Tara, Tara (Artemis Fowl), a location in the Artemis Fowl series, also a real location in Ireland, Other: Queen Tara, play by Darrell Figgis. Opened at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, February 25, 1913. Produced by Henry Herbert., Science: Tara (genus), a genus of jumping spiders, Tara tree in Peru, Tara (shrub), a Malagasy name for Lemuropisum edule, TARA, the acronym for the Timed Antagonistic Response Alethiometer, a type of lie detection technique, Tara, a theoretical founding ancestor of Haplogroup T, A Vitis rotundifolia grape variety, Music: T-ara, a 9-member South Korean girl music group, Tara (Absu album), Tara (Yano album), "Tara" (song), a song on Moya Brennan's 2003 album Two Horizons, Tara Music, a label featuring traditional Irish music, Tara Perdida, a Portuguese punk rock band, Other: Battle of Tara (disambiguation), a number of battles in Ireland, Da' Tara, American thoroughbred racehorse, Hurricane Tara (disambiguation), name of three tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, Kayf Tara, United Kingdom Thoroughbred racehorse, tārā, Tahitian slang for 5 CFP francs, Tara Brooch, an artifact from Ireland

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