Terry Huval was born in Texas, but his people and his music have their roots firmly planted deep within the soil of the Louisiana region known as Cajun Country. During live shows, he demonstrates some fancy dance steps while wearing his signature red hat, all the while going to town on his fiddle and exhibiting his characteristically Cajun joie de vivre . Huval is also a fine songwriter who has penned such numbers as "Oh Ma Bella" and "Huval's Reel." He sings and plays a number of other instruments as well, among them the bass and steel guitars, dobro, and mandolin.

The fiddler resides in the Breaux Bridge region of Louisiana. Besides playing music, he works as an engineer in Lafayette, a city that is major Cajun hub. He and his drummer brother, Tony Huval, founded the popular group known as the Jambalaya Cajun Band in 1977. The outfit also includes Reggie Matte on accordion, bass player Rick Benoit, guitarist Bobby Dumatrait, fiddler and bassist Ken David, and Randy Champagne. With Huval at the helm, in 1979 the band issued its first album, Buggy Full of Cajun Music.

Huval and his band often play in Lafayette at a nightspot called Randol's Restaurant, and they also travel frequently for appearances at festivals and other venues across the U.S. Most weekdays Huval can be found pulling in a paycheck as Lafayette's director of utilities systems. He is bilingual, fluent in both Cajun French and English, and supports the movement to preserve the speaking of French in his state. At one time, Cajun children were not permitted to speak the language in school and in later generations the use of French declined dramatically. Huval developed an interest in music at the age of 10, and since that time has been mostly self-taught. ~ Linda Seida, Rovi