Texana denotes both the history and culture of Texas. It may also refer to: Places: Texana, Texas, a ghost town in Jackson County, Texas, Lake Texana, Lake Texana State Park, Species: Acantholespesia texana, a species of tachinid flies, Atta texana, known as the Texas leafcutter ant, Bergia texana, a species of flowering plant, Catocala texanae, known as the Texan Underwing moth, Celosia texana, also known as Celosia nitida, the West Indian Cockscomb, Cochliopa texana, known as the Phantom cave snail, Cotinis texana, refers to Cotinis mutabilis, the Figeater beetle, Diospyros texana, known as the Texas Persimmon, Mexican Persimmon, and Chapote, Euvrilletta texana, a species of beetle, Froelichia texana, a species of plant in the Froelichia genus, Gleditsia × texana, known as the Texas Honey locust, Gutierrezia texana, a species of sunflower plant, Hymenoxys texana, a species of plant known as Prairie Dawn, Leptinotarsa texana, a species of leaf beetle, Mocis texana, known as the Texas Mocis moth, Quercus texana, known as Nuttall's Oak and formerly used to also refer to Texas Red Oak, Salamandra texana or Ambystoma texanum, known as the Small-mouthed salamander, Siren intermedia texana, a sub-species of the Lesser Siren, Storeria dekayi texana, known as the Texas Brown Snake, Tartarocreagris texana, a species of arachnid, Xanthisma texana, a plant known as the Sleepy Daisy or the Star-of-Texas, This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title., If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

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