For the band formerly known as The Brothers, see Family Force 5. The Brothers (also referenced in some sources as simply Brothers) were a UK-based band that scored a top ten hit on the British chart with the song, "Sing Me." The sprightly, reggae-inflected song reached number 8 on the UK Singles Chart in the Spring of 1977. The band consisted of 5 real brothers with the surname Bayou - Clarel (lead vocals), Lindsay (guitar), Gervais (keyboards and guitar), Daniel (bass) and Clarey (drums). They caused a lot of uproar when they posed in tight white shorts covered in baby oil for a photoshoot. It was rumoured the lead singer Clarel was questioning his sexuality at this time however rumours were later dismissed when he appeared to be in a hetrosexual relationship. The Brothers all hail from Mauritius. They recorded for Bus Stop, a UK record label founded by Mitch Murray and Peter Callander. Murray and Callander, who had already helped develop the career of UK pop group Paper Lace, are credited with producing "Sing Me" and another single, "Beautiful." Murray and Callander also composed some of the group's songs, including "Beautiful," "Love Don't Change" (the B-side to "Sing Me") and "You Don't Have to Be an Angel" (the B-side to "Beautiful"). Despite releasing an album and at least one other single that same year, the band was not able to repeat its success in the UK Singles Chart. They remain one-hit wonders.

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