The Carburetors is a Norwegian hard rock band from Oslo, formed in 2001. Their music is based on boogie rock and roll and heavy metal, having been said to be a mix of Chuck Berry and Motörhead. The band released their first album Pain Is Temporary, Glory Is Forever on Facefront records in 2004 after several singles on CD and 7". Two video-tracks were produced from the album, and the one for "Burnout" was the second most aired video (all categories!) on Norwegian television in 2004. Their second album Loud Enough To Raise The Dead was recorded during the summer of 2005, and a video was produced for the single track "Rock 'n' Roll Forever", directed by Bjørn Opsahl . The Carburetors released their third album Rock'n'Roll Forever on Bodog Records in 2008. The album Rock'n'Roll Forever was re-released in Europe November 12, 2010 on Evil Wheel Records. In 2011 The Carburetors signed a new record deal with the German label 'I Hate People Records' and a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing. In 2012 The Carburetors took part of the Melodi Grand Prix 2012, the show which selected the Norwegian contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan, with the song Don't Touch The Flame, qualifying directly to the final as their entry was the second most voted song in their in the first semifinal. However, it was voted enough to make it to the Gold Final. Members: Eddie Guz - lead vocals, Stian Krogh - lead guitar, Kai Kidd - guitar, Chris Nitro - drums, King O'Men - bass

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