For the soul music vocal group formerly known as the Dynamics, see The Dramatics. The Dynamics were an American R&B group from Detroit, Michigan. The Dynamics were formed in the early 1960s. Their first hit was 1963's "Misery", which formed the basis for the Who's first record, Zoot Suit. In the late 1960s the group was managed by Ted White, who married Aretha Franklin. The group released two full-length albums and charted three hits on the U.S. R&B charts in 1973-74. Their first album was recorded in Memphis and featured a number of Memphis session musicians - Reggie Young on guitar, Bobby Emmons on organ, Bobby Wood on piano, Mick Leach on bass, and Gene Chrisman on drums. Members: Isaac "Zeke" Harris, George White, Fred Baker, Samuel Stevenson, Zerben R. Hicks, The Dynamics are still going strong with their second re-release of First Landing and their new album Dynamic Rebirth. The present members are: Fred Williams, Carnell "Silver" Butler Sr, Leon "Sonny" James, Gregory"Blu"Roberts

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