Southern Rock
Once in a blue moon partnerships are formed that just seem to produce magical results, especially in terms of musical partnerships. We can all think of these song writing teams that have written the sound tracks to our lives. Such seems to be the case with Chris Whitman and Britt Warren, founders of The Nut Drivers.
The Nut Drivers may be a new band on the scene but it's members have been around for a long time. With over a hundred years of combined experience between it's four members, this original band brings a smorgasbord of genre blending that can only be described as an experience. Those that have heard The Nut Drivers' music have used terms like "future classic rock", "progressive southern rock", "aggressive R & B meets blistering progressive rock in a collision yielding a rainbow of color for the ear" but if you ask the members of the band they'll just say things like "crossroads rock - a little on the progressive side". But then you'll have to hear ballads like "Pain" or "Before You Condemn", which will have you thinking crossover country. No matter which way you slice it, you're going to get the fruit that can only come from this kind of combination of players.

CHRIS WHITMAN, has been writing songs for the common man for over 25 years and founded groups such as Crimson Mist and The American Rock Project and playing in bands like Moonshine Jenny. Not only does he write great songs, he accompanies those songs with a raw vocal style influenced by Motown artists and classic rock and the classic rock bands we all know and love.

Enter BRITT WARREN, song writer, composer, producer, and 30 year veteran session guitarist also known for his instrumental guitar compositions and also influenced by a myriad of genres but strongly influenced by Motown and classic rock as Whitman. In 2010 a meeting takes place when Whitman and his band walk in to Warren’s personal studio to record. Warren hears the voice and realizes the potential of his high energy guitar and Whitman’s vocals and invites Whitman to record vocals on a couple of his songs to see if his suspicions are true. After hearing the results it was clear, there was something there that needed to be explored, thus The Nut Drivers were born.

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Recently The Nut Drivers music was picked up by the syndicated radio show in the UK – which reaches 20 million people around the globe weekly. New radio stations in the US and abroad are picking up The Nut Drivers rapidly. Expect to hear more and more of their unique music.

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