The Plants were a doo wop quartet, based out of Baltimore, Maryland and formed in 1955. James Lawson (baritone), Thuman Thrower (bass), Steve McDowell (first tenor) and George Jackson (lead) constituted the original line-up, who were known as The Equadors. They got their break from Zell Sanders, owner of J&S Records, performing for her backstage at the Royal Theatre during a concert by The Moonglows. They released their debut, "Dear I Swear" in autumn of 1957, but it failed to achieve national success despite being a regional hit. They released another failed single in 1958, "From Me", after appearing on The Buddy Dean Show, a major musical venue in Baltimore at the time. A new lineup was assemebled in 1958 by Zell Sanders, recording "I Searched the Seven Seas", while Jackson pursued a solo career, releasing a few singles during the 1960s.

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