Southern Rock

Based out of Denver Colorado, Remus Tucker is a purveyor of a fast moving bit of Southern Fried Rock. His mix of good ole Southern Rock and Blues keeps the feet a stomping and the butts a moving. Backed by some of the hottest musicians in Colorado, and one extremely talented "lady", his music keeps things lively while stomping to the beat of his own brand and a bit of the favourites remade as only Remus can. Rockin!
He has played with the likes of Firefall and John Lee Hooker Jr. and have always left to standing ovations.

His influences are many, with deep roots in the South, like any good southern boy should be. With a vocal style that can only be categorized as a cross between Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Geoff Tate, and Ronnie Van Zant, he brings alive every song in his repertoire. The show is high powered and ready to knock your socks off.. His remakes of Marshall Tucker's “Cant Ya See”, to Led Zepplins “What is and What should Never be” have thrilled audiences and gained a reputation as a performer that is unique and in his own vein with little to hold him back.

The debut album, “The Remus Tucker Band: South of New Orleans” was released in February of 2013 and was a hit with old fans as well as the new. Come out and catch Remus and the gang, cuz it is a feat of sight and sound that will keep you running back for more!

He has tested his material digitally on outlets such as, and Youtube, as well as playing live and has received many accolades from the press and public.
Catch him when he comes around. You'll be glad you did!

About Remus:

Remus Tucker - Lead Vocals - The Mountain Man of Southern Rock. Remus is no stranger to fun. Whether its chasing bear through the mountains or throwing back a bit of old Lightning, he is all about laughing and having a good time. His trademark hat and long hair lets ya spot him from far off. Sorta gives ya a chance to decide to buy him a drink or quickly make yer exit.  He is lover of old time blues and Southern Rock and this colors his style in most things. You can usually find him banging out some tune he just pulled out of his .. um.. well... "made up", or singing some Ole Time Southern Rock. His soulful renderings touch ya in a way that you start thinking "Maybe rebel hippies aren't all bad."