The Rice Brothers is album recorded by guitarist Tony Rice and his brothers Ron, Larry and Wyatt. . Track listing: All songs by Tony Rice unless otherwise noted. "Grapes on the Vine" (Steve Gillette and Charles John Quarto), "This Old House", "Original Untitled", "Teardrops in My Eyes", "You're Drifting Away", "Don't Think Twice" (Bob Dylan), "Let It Ride" (Gordon Lightfoot), "Keep the Lamp on Sadie", "Soldier's Joy", "Whisper My Name" (Gordon Lightfoot), "Life Is Like a Mountain Railway", Personnel: Tony Rice - guitar, vocals, Wyatt Rice - guitar, Larry Rice - mandolin, vocals, Ron Rice - bass, Bill Emerson - banjo, vocals, Frank Poindexter - Dobro, Jerry Douglas - Dobro, Ricky Simkins - violin, viola, Jon Carroll - piano, vocals

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