Riggs may refer to: Riggs' disease, Riggs Glacier, Riggs Bank, former bank in the Washington DC area, People with the name: Arthur Riggs (geneticist), American geneticist, Arthur Stanley Riggs (1879-1952), American author and historian, Bobby Riggs (1918-1995), American tennis player, Chandler Riggs (born June 27, 1999), American actor, Christina Marie Riggs (1971-2000), Arkansas nurse, executed for killing her children, Dax Riggs, musician, Derek Riggs, British artist, Dudley Riggs (born 1932), American comedian, Elmer S. Riggs (1869-1963), American paleontologist, Frank Riggs (born 1950), Californian politician, George Washington Riggs, American banker, Gerald Riggs former NFL running back, James Garland Riggs, saxophonist (classical and jazz) and collegiate music educator, Jerry Riggs, American rock musician (also founder of the band Riggs), Jim Riggs (born 1941), American saxophonist, Joe Riggs (born 1982), American mixed martial arts fighter, John M. Riggs, retired US Army Major General, L. A. "Speed" Riggs, tobacco auctioneer and advertising spokesman for American Tobacco Company, Marlon Riggs (1957-1994), American poet, educator, filmmaker, and activist, Mike Riggs, American guitarist for Scum of the Earth and Rob Zombie, R. William Riggs, former Oregon Supreme Court judge, Scott Riggs (born 1971), American race car driver, Scott Antol or Scotty Riggs, American professional wrestler, Thomas Riggs, Jr. (1873-1945), American politician and governor of Alaska, Fictional: Martin Riggs, fictional police officer in Lethal Weapon, Other uses: Riggs-Tompkins Building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington, D.C.

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