The Strangers is an American country band best known as the back-up band for singer-songwriter Merle Haggard. Formed in the 1960s in Bakersfield, California, the band continued to tour with original co-founding member Norman Hamlet, as well as Haggard's children Dana and Ben. History: The group mainly served as the backup band for Haggard. However, from 1969 to 1973, it issued several records independent of Haggard. While most of the performers were contemporaries of Haggard in age or younger, some performers, notably Tiny Moore, were older performers in the country or western swing genres. Glen Campbell, who had a solo career as a singer and a short career leading a television variety show, began with the group. Pianist Mark Yeary penned many songs for Haggard. Horns joined the group for the first time in 1969 with Don Markham playing tenor saxophone and trumpet, yet instrumentation mainly consisted of guitars, bass guitar, keyboard and drums. Current members: Merle Haggard - lead vocals, lead guitar, fiddle, Renato Caranto - tenor saxophone, Doug Colosio - keyboards, Jim Christie - drums, Floyd Domino - keyboards, Ben Haggard - guitar, lead guitar, Dana Haggard - backing vocals, Theresa Haggard - backing vocals, Norman Hamlet - steel guitar, Scott Joss - fiddle, mandolin, guitars, backing vocals, Taras Prodaniuk - bass guitar

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