As a child Whale was told to always tell the truth. He’s been in trouble ever since.

I started out drawing and painting, but soon switched to harder stuff; like playing drums and rambling and roaming from sea to shining sea. I hitch hiked through 35 states back and forth across the Continental United States. One day I realized that, no matter where I went, there “I” was.

Well, the times have changed. And the more they change,
the more they stay the same, only worse if you ask me.

Later in life, while being crushed under the boot heel of the corporate global hegemony songs began to poor out of me like new wine pressed from the grapes of wrath. The words and music inspired me to learn to sing, play guitar, piano and become a producer engineer, video editor/ And now after decades of preparation here it is. My new CD

“Here In America.”

Give it a listen. I made it just for you.

Singer Songwriter The Whale never developed the filters engaged by most people in polite society. In fact, he has never even contemplated being politically correct. Now, with tongue in cheek, The Whale’s cutting edge lyrics paint a revealing portrait of our present political ship of state.

Got Freedom? Get Here In America!

The Whale is accompanied, on this adventure, by an International Coalition Of The Willing. Musical Mercenaries, willing to try and save our sinking ship, by lifting it on the wings of music. The songs on this CD, “Here In America”, are about a great nation run amuck by those who hold the reigns of power. We elected them. But they serve us not! They serve their own interest and the interest of others we do not know.

Like the Americans of myth and legend, I endeavor to stand for what I believe is right and true. Challenging the Status Quo with wit and a six string.This album is made Here In America, mostly by Americans. It is inspired by the American Dream. My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty. Of Thee I sing. The Spirit of America is alive and well in me. And I fully intend to stand up for America and what I believe in. I urge you to do the same.

God Bless America, The Whale