Look up tom in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Tom or TOM may refer to: Tom (name), a diminutive of Thomas or Tomás or an independent Aramaic given name (and a list of people with the name), Contents 1 People 1.1 Surname, 1.2 Given name, , 2 Fictional characters, 3 Nature, 4 Acronyms, 5 Other uses, 6 See also, People: Surname: Michael Tom (1946-1999), American sculptor, Nicholle Tom (born 1978), American actress, Given name: Tom Anderson (born 1970), American entrepreneur, one of the founders of MySpace, Tom Brady (born 1977), American NFL Quarterback, Tom Cassell, British Youtuber, Tom Cruise (born 1962), American actor, Tom Fulp (born 1978), American video game programmer, founder of the American website New grounds, Tom Hanks (born 1956), American actor, Tom Konyves (born 1947), Canadian poet, pioneer of videopoetry, Tom Odell (born 1990), British singer, Tom Parker (born 1988), English singer (The Wanted), Tom Viezee (born 1950), Dutch Christian minister and politician, Fictional characters: Tom, a character from the Deltora Quest (series) books by Emily Rodda, Tom, a character in the Tom and Jerry (Van Beuren) cartoon series, Tom Barnaby, the main character and (in some countries) the namesake of the TV series Midsomer Murders, Tom Bombadil, a character in the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, Tom Cat, a character in Tom and Jerry cartoons, Tom Croydon, a main character in the long-running Australian Police Drama Series, Blue Heelers, Tom Friendly, a character in the TV show Lost, Tom Haverford, a character in Parks and Recreation, Tom Riddle or Lord Voldemort, a main character in the Harry Potter series, Tom Sawyer, a character in several novels by Mark Twain, Tom Scavo, character in TV series Desperate Housewives, T.O.M., the robot host/mascot of Cartoon Network's Toonami action block, Tom, a fictional dinosaur from Tom (children's television show), Tom, the eldest character in Tots TV, Uncle Tom, a character from the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Nature: A male cat, Tom (Russian: Томь), a river in Russia, a right tributary of the Ob, Tom River (Amur Oblast) (Russian: Томь), a river in Russia, the left tributary of the river Zeya, A male turkey, Acronyms: Territoire d'outre-mer or overseas territory, Text Object Model, a Microsoft Windows programming interface, Theory of mind, the ability to attribute mental states to oneself and others and to understand that others have states that are different from one's own, Thomsonfly's ICAO code, TOM (object-oriented programming language), a defunct language based on Objective-C, Tom (pattern matching language), a pattern matching and transform language, Translocase of the outer membrane, a protein for intracellular protein-equilibrium, Troops Out Movement, campaigned against British involvement in Northern Ireland, Tune-o-matic, a guitar bridge design, Other uses: Tom (instrument), a plucked allophones used in Ethiopia, Tom (pattern matching language), a programming language, Tom (TV series), a 1994 American sitcom, Tom, a 1970 album by Tom Jones, TOM Group, a Chinese media company, TOM Online, a Chinese mobile internet company, Tom-tom drum, a type of drum

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