Thomas Jones or Tommy Jones is the name of: Contents 1 Clergy, 2 Politicians, 3 Sportsmen, 4 Other, 5 See also, Clergy: Thomas Jones (bishop) (c. 1550-1619), archbishop of Dublin, Thomas Jones (priest) (died 1682), Anglican clergyman, Thomas Jones of Denbigh (1756-1820), minister and author, Thomas Jones (missionary) (1810-1849), Welsh missionary in India, Thomas Sherwood Jones (1872-1972), suffragan bishop of Hulme, 1930-1945, Politicians: Thomas Jones (died 1559), MP for Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, Thomas Jones (MP for Hereford) (died 1628), MP for Hereford, Thomas Jones (MP for Wallingford), see Wallingford, Thomas Jones (died 1711), Member of Parliament for East Grinstead, Thomas B. Jones, American politician, Thomas G. Jones (1844-1914), Governor of Alabama, Thomas Laurens Jones (1819-1887), American politician, Thomas Jones, Baron Maelor (1898-1984), Welsh politician, Thomas McKissick Jones (1816-1892), Tennessee politician, Thomas Tyrwhitt Jones (1765-1811), Member of Parliament for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Sportsmen: Thomas Jones (American football) (born 1978), American football player, Thomas Jones (footballer born 1879) (Thomas Trevellyan Jones, 1879-?), footballer who played as an outside left with Small Heath in the 1900s, Thomas Jones (footballer born 1884) (Thomas Daniel Jones, 1884-1958), Welsh international football inside left who played for Nottingham Forest in the 1900s, Thomas Jones (footballer born 1885) (1885-?), footballer who played as a centre forward and outside right with Everton (1900s) and Birmingham (1910s), Tommy Jones (footballer born 1907) (Thomas William Jones, 1907-1980), English footballer who played for Burnley, Blackpool and Grimsby Town, Tommy Jones (footballer born 1909) (Thomas John Jones, 1909-?), Welsh international footballer who played for Tranmere Rovers, Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester United and Watford, T. G. Jones (Thomas George Jones, 1917-2004), Welsh international football defender who played with Everton either side of World War II, Thomas Jones (rugby player) (1895-1933), Welsh international rugby union player, Tommy Jones (American football) (born 1979), American and Canadian football quarterback, Tommy Jones (footballer born 1930) (often referred to as TE Jones, 1930-2010), football centre half who played for Everton in the 1940s and 1950s, Tommy Jones (baseball) (Thomas M. Jones, 1954-2009), American baseball player, manager, coach and executive, Tommy Jones (bowler) (born 1978), American professional bowler, Thomas Babington Jones (1851-1890), Welsh cricketer, Thomas Baker Jones (1862-1959), Welsh rugby player, Other: Thomas Jones (Medal of Honor) (1820-1892), American Civil War sailor, Major Thomas Jones (died 1713), Irish born immigrant to Colonial America, settled on Long Island, Tommy Lee Jones (born 1946), actor, Thomas Jones (artist) (1742-1803), Welsh landscape painter, Thomas Jones (civil engineer) (1809-1892) South Australian pioneer, Thomas Jones (English publisher) (1791-1882), English publisher and bookseller, Thomas Jones (historian) (1732-1792), American Loyalist historian, Thomas Jones (justice) (1614-1692), British judge, Thomas Jones (librarian) (1810-1875), librarian of Chetham's Library, Manchester, Thomas Jones (mathematician) (1756-1807), English mathematician and academic, Thomas Jones (T. J.) (1870-1955), Welsh civil servant and educationalist, Thomas ap Catesby Jones (1790-1858), U.S. Navy officer, Thomas Alfred Jones VC DCM (1880-1956), English recipient of the Victoria Cross, Thomas David Jones (born 1955), American astronaut, Thomas Dow Jones (1811-1881), artist, T. Gwynn Jones (1871-1949), Welsh poet, Thomas Henry Jones, known as T. Harri Jones (1921-1965), Anglo-Welsh poet, Thomas Mercer Jones (1795-1868), English-Canadian administrator, Thomas P. Jones (1774-1848), English engineer and publisher, Thomas Rupert Jones (1819-1911), English geologist, Thomas R. Jones (judge) (1913-2006), American judge, Thomas V. Jones, American businessman, Thomas A. Jones, Confederate spy (operative), Thomas W. Jones (born 1949), American businessman, Thomas Wharton Jones (1808-1891), ophthalmologist and physiologist, Thomas A. Jones (1859-1937), Republican lawyer and judge in the U.S. State of Ohio, Thomas E. Jones (1888-1973), president of Fisk University, 1926-1946, Thomas Hewitt Jones, British composer of contemporary classical and commercial music, Thomas Hudson Jones (1892-1969), U.S. sculptor, Thomas O. Jones (born 1944), American business executive and conservationist, Thomas Rymer Jones (1810-1880), English surgeon, academic and zoologist, Thomas Jones, 7th Viscount Ranelagh (1812-1885), British aristocrat, T. C. Jones (Thomas Craig Jones, 1920-1971), American female impersonator

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