I am a lifelong lover of all types of music but country music has my heart. My friends call me Lee. My whole life has been centered around telling stories and all musical talents tell their own stories. I am looking forward to writing lyrics and performing songs that touch people and help them with their daily lives.
For many years I stepped away from music to do other things in my life. One of which was to own and operate one of the first domestic parrot stores in this country in order to stop the importation and destruction of helpless creatures. I will always stand up against injustices that this world has to offer. This includes using music to soothe, understand and reach out to those folks in need of it.
I have been very blessed in my life to have been given the gift of a daughter when I was told I would never have a child, well as most children are; my daughter is truly our miracle and with her birth brought the confirmation that the God I always knew was there working in my life was indeed listening to my prayers.
I look forward to developing and working with other musicians to expand this link. Please have patience as this is a work in progress.
I wish all the best to you, your families and your children and with your help; we can do this.