Alternative Country
Texas born Country Rocker! Trenton is a one of a kind singer songwriter and performer. He began is Musical Career In Shallowater Texas. Trenton climbed to the top of the corperate world wearing a suite and tie everyday working for a billion dollar corp. He had it all. At 26 years old he found himself one of the highest paid managers in the country. Quarter million dollar house in Austin Tx. (back when that was actually a great house) corvette in the garage next to the boat.... It all looked good ... and yet he felt so unhappy not expressing himself through music... so he quite the corp. world began making music... went from those plush surroundings to living on the street playing for tips his first year as a full time musician. Since those humble beginings he formed the Trenton Chandler Band toured Texas and now resides in Nashville Tennessee playing and recording with the most talented folks on the planet.... Currently he would describe his sound as Country Funk... Waylon meets Stevie Wonder