True Love may refer to: Contents 1 Film and television, 2 Literature, 3 Music 3.1 Songs, 3.2 Albums, , 4 Other uses, 5 See also, Film and television: True Love (1925 film), a Chinese film directed by Chen Tian, True Love (1989 film), directed by Nancy Savoca, True Love (1992 film), starring Maggie Cheung, True Love (2004 film), an LGBT-related film, Totally True Love (2011 film), directed by Kim Mah, (of ATMFK Productions), True Love (TV series), a 2012 British television series, Literature: True Love (short story), by Isaac Asimov, The Truelove, US title of Clarissa Oakes by Patrick O'Brian, True Christian Love, short poem by David Dickson (minister), True Love (manga), a manga series by Miwako Sugiyama, Music: Songs: "True Love" (Coldplay song), "True Love" (Cole Porter song), a popular song recorded by many artists, "True Love" (Don Williams song), "True Love" (Elliott Smith song), "True Love" (Lil' Romeo song), "True Love" (Pink song), featuring Lily Rose Cooper, "True Love" (Robert Palmer song), "True Love" (Soldiers of Jah Army song), "True Love (Clubstar's True Club Mix)", appearing on the Japanese soundtrack of the 2007 video game Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party, "True Love", a song by Angels & Airwaves from I-Empire, "True Love", a song by Glenn Frey from The Allnighter, "True Love", a song by Madina Lake from From Them, Through Us, to You, "True Love", a song by Phil Wickham from Cannons, "True Love", a song by Ric Ocasek from This Side of Paradise, "True Love", a song by X, "T.L. (True Love)", a song by Micky Green from Honky Tonk

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