Tyler Dean is a new performer with a lot on his mind.

He's 21 years old, he loves Garth Brooks and Frank Sinatra, his hero is Walt Disney, and he has a crush on Jessica Rabbit. He's written 72 screenplays, started his recording career and has toured all over the country - yes it's a crazy time. Tyler wouldn't want it any other way.

Tyler grew up in Hendersonville, Tennessee, which is just a stone's throw away from Nashville and Music Row. Music was close by - at all times. Most of Tyler's free time is spent on the latest gadget, watching movies, or going to the bookstore.

He was home schooled, which gave him some freedom to think about some of the things he dreamed most about - music, writing and movies. His iPod contains a diverse group of songs and artists like, Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles - to the Black Keys, Dierks Bentley and Michael Buble'. Tyler has his ears rooted in today - but has a respect and love of yesterday as well. True to the classic crooners that influenced him, Tyler longs for the stage. With the same creativity and foresight of those before him, Tyler hopes his own creativity launches the imagination and inspiration of all those who choose to listen. Tyler's passion for music pours out with each performance. "When I sing one of my songs, I know that it has the opportunity to become an anthem or theme song for someone's life right at that very moment. Music has the unique ability to do just that. That's what fuels my passion," says Tyler.

Tyler has been developing his music under the guidance of Mike Curb. Mike is responsible for a long line of legendary performer's such as Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes and Wynonna to name just a few. Mike signed Tyler to Curb Records and is excited not only by his obvious musical talent but his passion and dedication. He's currently in the studio recording new material with an album scheduled for 2011.

Whether he's writing a screenplay, in the recording studio or performing on stage, Tyler knows he's a dreamer and he's doing what he loves - his music, his way.