Ulysses Paine is an original music project by Steve Shalit and Joshua Pearl.

Ulysses Paine's "Islands In The Deep Blue Sea" is a concept record chronicling a metaphysical journey told through several musical genres. The song cycle is structured to be adapted for musical theater. Although musically and thematically quite dissimilar, comparisons that come to mind are The Who's "Quadrophenia" and Green Day's "American Idiot."

The song "Islands In The Deep Blue Sea" is the centerpiece of the record of the same name. It combines John Lee Hooker-esque acoustic drone blues underpinnings with psychedelic electric guitars to depict the "rough seas" necessary to tell the story of how homecomings can never fully live up to expectations.

"Helena Blues," while not formally a blues, uses a different kind of psychedelic setting to create a unusual storytelling landscape. The music focuses on a very vocal drum arrangement while building in Revolver-era Beatles swirling guitar effects to create a contemporary setting for the eternal blues story of love, betrayal, and revenge.

The remaining songs on "Islands In The Deep Blue Sea" span rock, folk, country, noise, and Tin Pan Alley to create a modulated listening experience as the narrative reads a story of journey and unclear redemption.