Vince Mira (born 1992) is a young singer/songwriter from Federal Way, Washington who specializes in country and rock and roll music. His deep bass-baritone voice has drawn comparisons to Johnny Cash. His repertoire consists of several Johnny Cash and Hank Williams songs, as well as his own originals. Life: Born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Vince subsequently moved to Federal Way, Washington. His career began playing Spanish-language songs in Seattle's Pike Place Market. There he was discovered by producer Chris Sneill. His similarity to Johnny Cash caught the ear of Cash's son, John Carter Cash, and led to John producing Mira's first record. Vince has appeared on Good Morning America and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and has done appearances for Seattle's KOMO-TV News. As of late 2008, he is assisting Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard with a Hank Williams tribute CD, as well as touring with Gossard as part of Timberland's EarthKeeper project. Since 2007, Vince has been backed by the band The Roy Kay Trio.

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