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Vision may refer to: Contents 1 Perception, 2 Music, 3 Art, media and broadcasting 3.1 Fictional character, , 4 Computing and technology, 5 Ships, 6 Automotive, 7 Aerospace, 8 Other uses, 9 See also, Perception: Visual perception, the sense of sight, Visual system, the physical mechanism of eyesight, Vision (spirituality), a supernatural experience that conveys a revelation, Hallucination, a perception of something that does not exist, Vision therapy, a method of improving vision skills such as eye movement control and eye coordination., Vision disorder, an impairment of the sense of vision., Vision loss, the absence of vision where it existed before., Music: Visions (Atreyu album), Visions (Dennis Brown album), Visions (Clearlight album), 1978, Vision (Frank Duval album), Visions (Paul Field album), Visions (Grant Green album), 1971, Visions (Grimes album), 2012, Visions (Haken album), 2011, Visions (Jakatta album), Visions (Libera album), 2005, Vision (EP), by No Fun at All, Vision (Shankar album), 1983, Visions (Stratovarius album), 1997, Visions (Sun Ra album), 1978, Visions, an album by Disasteradio, "Visions", a song by Eagles on the single "One of These Nights", "Vision", a song by Peter Hammill on the album Fool's Mate, "Visions", a song by Stevie Wonder on the album Innervisions, Art, media and broadcasting: Vision - From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen, a 2009 German film, Visions (convention), a science fiction event, Visions (TV series), a 1976-80 anthology series on PBS, Visions (Magic: The Gathering), expansion set from the Mirage block, Vision Festival, a New York City art festival, Vision Group, a Ugandan media company (Print, TV and radio), VisionTV, a Canadian TV channel, BT Vision, a British digital TV service, Sega Vision, a portable media player, York Vision, a student newspaper, Fictional character: Vision (Marvel Comics), a member of The Avengers, debuting 1968, Vision (Timely Comics), a 1940s comic book character, Computing and technology: Vision (game engine), Vision Mobile Browser, Machine vision, technology for imaging-based automatic inspection, Visi On, an IBM operating environment, Ships: USS Vision, the name of multiple U.S. Navy ships, MS Vision of the Seas, a cruise ship, MV Atlantic Vision, a ferry, Automotive: Vision Racing, a racing team, Vision Zero, a road traffic safety project, Blue Bird Vision, a school bus, Eagle Vision, a car, Aerospace: Vision Airlines, Vision for Space Exploration, a U.S. government plan, Pro-Composites Vision, an aircraft, Other uses: Vision (Italian think tank), Vision (nightclub), Vision Australia, a blindness organisation, Vision Brisbane, a planned skyscraper in Australia, Vision Montreal, a political party, Vision Street Wear, a footwear company, Vision Tower, a tower in Dubai, Vision Vancouver, a political party, Vision (festival), Anna University, Chennai, Visions Electronics, Canadian retailer, In business, vision is foresight - the capacity to envisage future market trends and plan accordingly, Goal, a desired result Vision statement,

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