Traditional Country
Zach Roberts is a singer/songwriter in the Country, Christian Country, and Americana genres. His new self-titled EP is scheduled for release in mid-February.

Zach's debut album, "He Broke the Law", generated the longest charting Christian Country Single of 1996, “Daddy was a Man of His Word." His two subsequent singles from that album, “Once and for All,” and “Somebody Set the Woods on Fire,” both reached #1 on the CCRB Christian Country Charts.

After “He Broke the Law,” Zach took some time off from performing and began writing. He jokes, “I had my first poem published in 8th grade, and I’ve been singing my whole life. Naturally I waited until my mid-twenties to put the two together and write music.” Zach found direction in his writing when an injury to his vocal chords left him unable to sing for over a year. Now fully recovered, he points to that period of his life as particularly impactful.

“There I was living in Nashville for the sole purpose of being a singer, and I was physically unable to do it. What does a singer do when they can’t sing? I probably had a bit of an identity crisis. God always has a plan though. It was during this period of time that I really learned to write, and actually started hearing how a song would really sound without my voice on it. it opened my eyes to some holes in my game as a writer. More importantly, learning to hear songs in my head that I couldn’t sing opened the door for me to start writing for other artists. Before, I never wrote anything I couldn’t hear myself singing.”

The change in approach proved successful, as Zach partnered with David L. Cook to co-write a string of Christian Country #1 tracks for David, along with several #1 songs for Caroline Keller. Zach and David also achieved success by co-authoring “Meet Me at the Crossroads,” a song selected as the theme song for TV’s “New South Crossings,” and an Emmy winner for Best Musical Composition in 2010.

It was also during this time that Suzzane Skinner and Zach co-founded Audience Company, a Nashville staple that has provided quality crowds and audiences, seat fillers and casted crowds for CMA, CMT, Nashville Star and many others. Zach remembers, “It was a great way to stay connected to the music business that I love while I tried to figure how to be an artist again.”

Today, Zach is putting the finishing touches on his new EP and first release since 1997. “I always promised myself that I wouldn’t record anything just for the sake of recording. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt like I had anything to say as an artist, but I feel that old fire again. I’m really excited to share this new project. It’s very different from my past work, there is a lot of the emotion from what I call the voiceless days captured in the sound. I hope it finds its way to people who relate to the feelings I’ve tried to convey. If nothing else, it feels great to be singing again.