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Be prepared for an episode full of surprises as Beth and the Chapman clan put together a secret party for Dog's birthday. Things are going well at first, but when Dog's long-lost son Christopher arrives, the whole party suddenly hangs in the balance. Will he be able to bond with his siblings or will the family be brought to its knees as he awkwardly tries to fit in? Will Beth be able to put one over on the greatest bounty hunter who ever lived?

Beth and the Chapman clan plan a major surprise party for Dog's 61 birthday. Can Beth put one over on the greatest bounty hunter who ever lived, or will the entire party be brought to its knees when a very special guest arrives?

Dog and Beth head to Kona to help Leland and Kaleo capture a set of dangerous criminals. Kaleo must put business in front of blood to hunt down his brother-in-law. Can they tame the wilds of Kona and put family aside to bring in their fugitives?

In one of this season's most exciting episodes, Dog and Beth head to Denver, Colorado, to help Cedric Williams of VIP Bail Bonds bring in a belligerent beater, and chase down a menacing meth-head who is allegedly running amok in a stolen car.

Dog and Beth head back to Colorado to help Mary Ellen Pollack at Mary Ellen's Bail Bonds. Mary wrote a big bond for a robbery suspect, now he's missed court and she's left holding the bag. Can Dog and Beth find Mary's fugitive before he breaks the bank?

Dog and Beth head to the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee, to help Andy Baggenstoss and the bondsmen of Cumberland Bail Bonds bring in some tough runners from the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

In the exciting conclusion of this two-part episode, Dog and Beth take the Statewide team's training to the next level. Can Brandi, Brittney and Megan use the Chapmans' techniques to capture their jumps and track down an elusive runner in the wilds of the Bayou?

In hour one of this exciting two-part episode, Dog and Beth head to New Orleans, Louisiana, to help Steven Donnes at Statewide Bail Bonds train his two daughters and niece to safely track and capture fugitives. Can Dog and Beth catch Steve's skips and whip his family into shape, or will the Chapmans discover that capturing criminals in the "Big Easy" is harder than they think?

Dog and Beth journey to Taos, New Mexico, to help ex-judge Erminio Martinez and his daughter Amy track down a drug addicted runner who has threatened to leave town. Can Dog and Beth find him before he vanishes into the New Mexico desert?

Veteran Alabama bondsman Gage Huffstetler's Fast Feet Bail Bonds has been shut down by the court until she brings in a skip that has run to California. Can Dog and Beth help Gage catch the fugitive and get her business back on track?

Dog and Beth visit Leland on the Big Island, and help him and Dakota track two tough runners in Hilo. Can Dog turn the fugitive's dreams of freedom into a rude awakening?

Dog and Beth's old friend Leo Urban from Leo's Bail Bonds in Mason, Michigan, is getting married. With the wedding only days away Leo has enough on his plate, so Dog and Beth decide to pitch in and help. Can they clean up Leo's jumps before the wedding so Leo can relax and enjoy his honeymoon?

Dog and Beth take to the mean streets of Mobile, Alabama, to help Chris McNeil at Outlaw Bail Bonds round up his jumps and tune-up his bounty hunters. Can Dog and Beth apply enough heat to make the fugitives pop?

Dog and Beth visit their old friend Topo Padilla in Sacramento, Calif. When Dakota and Topo's son Brandon are tasked with leading the hunt for a dangerous fugitive, it's the challenge of a lifetime. Do they have what it takes to get their man?

Dog and Beth are called into action by Royce and Alesia Kyser at A+ Bail Bonds in Alabama. Royce has recently fallen ill, the stack of jumps is growing, and Alesia is desperate for help. Can Dog and Beth train Royce's kids to carry on the family legacy?

Dog and Beth continue to help their friend Jeff Kirkpatrick at Lodise Bail Bonds. This time, they're on a mission to train Nicki McDonald, a new bondsman who wrote a bad bond for a known runner. Can Dog and Beth show her the ropes and catch Nicki's jump at the same time?

Dog and Beth head to Jackson, Mich., to see their old friend Jeff Kirkpatrick at Lodise Bail Bonds. They're on a mission to train Dion Shepherd, a young man from inner-city Detroit who has a dream of becoming a bondsman and bounty hunter. Can Dog and Beth help make his dreams come true?

Dog and Beth have been on the road helping others, but the jumps are piling up in Oahu.

Dog and Beth call in a higher power to help Randy Bosley's family-owned Pacific Northwest Bail Bonding.

Dog and Beth are handcuffed by the laws of Washington state as they head to Angie's Bail Bonds in Mt. Vernon.

Dog and the team are on a mission to find a fugitive and fly her back to Alabama.

John Briggs and his crew at Western Bail Bonds need help reining in their bondsman boss, Andy Nelson.

Dog and Beth head to the wilds of Casper, Wy., to help track down a dangerous Iraq War veteran gone rogue.

Leland raised his son Dakota while still a kid himself. Now Dakota is graduating from high school with honors and wants to join the family business.

Dog, Beth and Leland travel to the great plains of Hutchinson, Kansas to meet with Barb Carithers and her team of bondswomen.

While the Chapmans are home in Hawaii trying to enjoy a short break from the road, they are called to shut down a terribly corrupt bondsman and hunt down his outstanding fugitives.

Tensions in Oklahoma are high as Dog and Beth track down an elusive fugitive for bondsman Tom Trepagnier.

Dog, Beth and Leland are called to Oklahoma to join up with bondsmen in Guthrie and Oklahoma City.

The Chapmans are in Las Vegas for the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Professional Bail Agents of the United States conference.

Dog, Beth and Leland help an all-femaile crew get their business back in shape.

Dog, Beth and Leland have been called to the mean streets of Los Angeles to help big-hearted bondsman Arnold who has gotten in way over his head.

An urgent call from Agent J motivates Dog and Beth to travel to Jackson, Michigan to help bondsman Leo Urban track down and apprehend a $500,000 fugitive bond.

Dog, Beth and Leland travel to New Mexico to visit with Tony Madrid, the founder and patriarch of the Madrid Family Bail Bonds business and a legend in the industry.

Dog, Beth, and Leland help Hank's bounty hunters track down his two most elusive fugitives.

The Chapmans are on a mission to show the Bail City crew how to reel in these big fish.

Dog and Beth decide to take their experience and expertise on the road to support bondsmen and bounty hunters across America.

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