Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team

Field Rehearsal

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are two weeks away from the first game and DCC Director Kelli McGonagill Finglass and DCC Choreographer Judy Trammel are hard pressed to make final cuts and announce the squad. It's a tense time for all and Training Camp Candidates who are not DCC ready will be exposed at the first and only field rehearsal on the Cowboys Stadium turf. The girls are drilled on the signature DCC entrance and several candidates prove to be lost and timid as they overshoot their marks across the field. By the end of the kick line and sideline routine performances, it is clear to Kelli and Judy that two girls are not fit to be part of this year's DCC squad. At the next night's studio rehearsal, the candidates sense more cuts coming. With the pressure building, the rookie candidates must show that they can perform like the veterans. At the end of the night, Kelli is brought to tears as she calls five girls into her office. Some will have danced their last rehearsal at Valley Ranch. Some survive to dance at a surprise final rehearsal to prove they deserve to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.