World's Strictest Parents

World's Strictest Parents Ep 209

Tennesseans Ken and Mary Jo Illig are dedicated to making a difference in teens' lives. In addition to raising their own four children, they've been foster parents to countless kids over the years. Their experience has taught them that the best approach to parenting is to be levelheaded, honest and consistent. The Illigs believe in setting a good example and being positive role models in everything they do.To make the strongest impact on their kids, they have firm rules and guidelines everyone is expected to follow. A step out of line is met with a stint at the stumps of discipline, where the offender must saw off a thin piece of a tree stump by hand. The aim is not just unpleasantness. It's designed to give children time to reflect on their bad choices and to encourage them to make more intelligent decisions going forward.Teenagers Sebastian and Bekki are about to experience life with the Illigs for one week. At home, both are behaving in ways that could jeopardize their futures. Help from Ken and Mary Jo is the last resort. The Illigs' diet of discipline and respect will not be palatable to the teens. But will these experienced parents be able to handle the fallout and bring about a real change?