Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team


It has all come down to the final night of training camp. Tonight, dreams will be made or broken. Kelli decides to throw the girls a curveball by taking them out on the Cowboys' practice field to watch them perform. First, a lingering issue needs to be resolved for the good of the team. Kelli must do something she hates. Out on the field, Judy and Kelli make their final decisions. Fear abounds as Kelli says she needs to see some girls in her office. Announcing this year's final team is not cut and dried, but surprise and relief fill the air as Kelli reveals this year's squad. It's time for the girls to put on their famous uniforms for the squad photo, as the dream starts to become a reality. Kelli takes the girls to Six Flags to see the famed DCC All-Stars perform and learn from that experience. Finally, it's game day, but technical difficulties threaten to derail the girls' famed pregame routine. While problems are being solved, group one is selected to give a rock star type performance for the fans up in the plaza, but overcoming the stadium logistics is a big concern. As game time approaches, the girls' nerves rise. Watch as the veterans and rookies alike take to the field and live their dream by bringing 80,000 screaming fans to their feet.