Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team

Cameo Photos

Tonight's rehearsal starts with a big bang when DCC Technical Director Kitty Carter makes a surprise visit to Valley Ranch. Both rookie and veteran candidates are immediately on edge as they know Kitty is quick to call out shoddy performances and mistakes. Kelli and Judy take in all of Kitty's sharp critiques and as a result, two girls are called into Kelli's office -- one of them a veteran. The girls realize their behavior outside of Valley Ranch is a major factor in determining whether they will make the team when Kelli holds a social networking seminar. Kelli reprimands a few girls who are posting inappropriate photos and information and reliving a past mistake by a veteran that put the DCC in unfavorable national headlines. DCC cameo photos are on the schedule, and the rookie candidates are jazzed to wear the iconic star spangled uniform and pose for the camera. For Kelli and Judy, this is an important process necessary to determine which girls have the DCC look. They discover some of them just might not be the total package. At the next rehearsal, the candidates are put through a grueling kick line practice, and the results are disappointing. Five girls -- three rookies and two veterans -- are called into Kelli's office. One of them will be told, "Tonight is your last night."