World's Strictest Parents

World's Strictest Parents Ep 207

Susan and Eddie Tilley's parenting philosophy is rooted in communication. When their two children get off track, they're forced to evaluate their decisions with a constructive conversation. Their South Carolina home holds regular family meetings to discuss attitudes, priorities at school and what Matthew and Mary Kate are doing in their spare time. There's "nothing a good conversation can't solve."The parents feel this makes their children accountable for their actions, empowers them to make better decisions and gives them value, self-worth and confidence. The talking is backed up with firm rules. The Tilleys have a "no privacy" policy, so that they can keep a watchful eye on their teens' personal interests. That means cell phones and Internet activity are both closely monitored.Teenagers Christine and Jesse are used to much laxer regimes. Both teens are defiant and unruly. Out of options, their parents have turned to the Tilleys, hoping a week of their firm approach can lead to enlightenment. But from the moment Eddie discovers what Jesse has brought into his home, it's clear this won't be easy and things could get ugly.