Start a band. Rock the world!

Rock Band is the ultimate game for anyone who's ever played air guitar and sung rock anthems into a hairbrush. Now you and your friends can be jukebox heroes with the help of Harmonix, the leading developer of music based games.

Players can beat on drums, sing vocals, groove the bass line or shred guitar riffs as a soloist or form a band with multiple players. Rock Band includes an incredible song library with access to master recordings of Southern rock, punk, metal, alternative and classic rock songs. You can customize the look of your own rocker and keep the hits coming with access to downloadable content. Don't have a "band" already? No worries. You can play alone in your room or connect online and rock with other players around the world.

Rock Band is playable on Xbox 360 and the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system and will be available in stores nationwide just in time for the holidays on Nov. 20. Check out Rock Band's playlist and tell us what country hits should be included in the downloadable library.

Rock Band Special Edition

Rock Band Special Edition mic
Rock Band Special Edition guitar and bass
Rock Band Special Edition drums