Music City Madness Voting Begins at 12 PM CST, Oct. 21, 2008


This season, CMT selected four of country music's most talented singer-songwriters to support the 64 video finalists throughout the eight-week tournament. Each of these stars has their own unique musical style that makes them stand out as individuals on the country music landscape. They will be assigned to a division of the tournament bracket in October and will comment weekly on the videos that have been voted out and those that advance. Find out more about them below.

Jack Ingram


This Texas singer-songwriter marks his music with honky-tonk-tinged melodies and lyrics laced with dry wit. Jack Ingram began his career in roadhouses and released two albums before being discovered in 1997.


Jewel catapulted to stardom in the '90s when her folk-influenced sound stood out during the height of grunge. Known for her poetic lyrics and ethereal voice, her extension into country is a natural fit -- as if she's always been part of the scene.
Jimmy Wayne


If you take country music and mix it with the smoothness of soul, the result sounds like Jimmy Wayne. His signature blend adds depth to lyrics that are always heartfelt and honest.
Justin Moore


Want a reality check? Justin Moore is a genuine country boy with authentic rural roots. His songs are saturated with that sexy swagger that only comes from tested self-reliance. Moore might be new to country fans, but he's been around.